It’s Official!!!

We have a proper website for Furry Friends Farm finally!!! As I’ve mentioned before, with the official site, all rescue updates & farm events would be published at and anything expressed by individuals like me and whoever else would be purely personal opinions which might or might not reflect what Furry Friends Farm represent.

Please do not be confused. If you have supported in one way or another, please email your transaction/deposit slip to Sabrina at so that she may account for the sum that she has and has not received.

Some of you have asked me about sending your unwanted animals to the farm. Please note that Sabrina has limited resources and since we have committed to helping the discarded strays in dire need of medical attention, we are not taking in any other animals yet. If you have the resources to do the rescue, get them the medical attention they deserve and get them re-homed, that would be great. FFF cannot take in animals until we have worked out a schedule of volunteers to split the work. FFF is run entirely by Sabrina and volunteers. We seek your cooperation in this matter and we hope you would understand.

With this note, I will continue blogging about other matters which matter to me, speak up for the unspoken and glorify the glorious. I have learnt in this mission that humans can easily be taken in by power, politics and publicity. I have accepted this fact and the fact that no matter what good that we do, there will be people who would paint a horrible picture of you, people who hide in the mask & anonymity of nicknames, people who cannot be accountable for the venom that they spit at others, people who know not what goodness is because they have never demonstrated it in their lives. I have had much publicity in my modelling and pageant days including setting many firsts for the nation. And it is with the recognition that I get some help from those who know me.

My name, my website, my work and that little bit of credibility that I hold as an educator and journalist has never been questioned because there is nothing to hide. What you see is what you get. I don’t paint a less-than-realistic picture of what I do and who I am for what does it profit if I do??? I don’t survive on hand-outs, ad revenues from the hits on my website or from unsolicited funds. I survive on the work that I do for my publishers, on my classes & lessons for my students who pay me to learn what I can teach them. Sometimes when I’m invited to give talks, universities give me an honorarium to cover my travel expenses. It’s not much but it gives me an opportunity to inspire those who want to get somewhere in life.

I will stop here, go back out there and do what I do best. After all, the rescuer shouldn’t need rescuing, right???

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  1. andromedia says:

    Pam, there are rights and wrongs in your post… ๐Ÿ˜›

    Mostly rights, but this?

    Quote :-

    ‘After all, the rescuer shouldnโ€™t need rescuing, right???’

    Even doctors will fall sick too… you better take good care of yourself. The weather is horrible and people I know are falling sick… even myself isn’t felling well…

    So, never say never… ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. MAE says:


    I am reflecting on your quote “after all, the rescuer shouldn’t need rescuing… Agree with andromedia;

    You had been silence for quite some time now and we are wondering whether you are o.k. We are in this together… we rescue each other..sometimes more in spirit rather than in presence..

    Over the weekend I find myself having a glimpse of a tiny bit of what you had to endure since the rescue took place.

    I was caught off-guard and speechless when it was revealed to my face how people can be so calculative and so densed. I was told that some people had gone to the farm to see for themselves and was reporting back to everyone (in Klang Valley and its vicinities) that Sabrina got lots and lots of donations..she is doing so well now..I am not sure what they are implying but I feel very uncomfortable with that comment. It is not what they said but ‘how they said it’ makes me feel uneasiness. Of course, couldn’t stop myself when I found my bearings; I went on and on to list on how much it will cost to sustain 100+ dogs for 15 years. More than a RM1 Million! How long can Sabrina keep the bags of rice and dog food; definitely not for 15 years, most likely 2 months’ top.

    I couldn’t help but think of you Pam (on how you must be going through and what you had to endure); My heart goes out to you …kept thinking I feel it is so upseting and unfair for them to come to conclude that Sabrina is hoarding the donations for whatever perceived reasons they have in their heads. Imagine how you felt.

    Pam, if you are resting hope you have a good rest and taking good care of yourself. If you are down our prayers will always be with you. God bless

  3. andromedia says:

    Don’t worry MAE… she is doing fine… right Pam?

    She will continue her effort in assisting the farm and Sabrina in a different manner… different approach… she loves the furry kids there too much to ignore them… ๐Ÿ˜›

    As quoted by her… “I will like a star here… and these are all my fans”. Honestly, I sort of felt the same too… especially during feeding time! ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. andromedia says:

    Sorry… typo error…

    As quoted by herโ€ยฆ โ€œI feel like a star hereโ€ยฆ and these are all my fansโ€ย. Honestly, I sort of felt the same tooโ€ยฆ especially during feeding time! ๐Ÿ˜›

  5. MAE says:

    Thanks andromedia.

    Glad and so relieve to know that Pam is ok.

    By the way is Sabrina email or sabrinayeap@g.mail better?

    A young couple looking to adopt puppies for their small kids if Sabrina have at her farm.

  6. andromedia says:

    MAE, the best and the most efficient way to get a hold of Sabrina is to call her… it takes her quite a while to check her mail mainly due to her hectic schedule daily…

    There are a few puppies at the farm now and boy they are adorable! Perhaps you can have the couple call Sabrina directly for arrangements… ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. MAE says:

    Ok. Already given them Sabrina contact number.

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