Our Hope Is Your Salvation

Hope was the first dog saved. Hope was plucked out soon after the photo was taken. Apart from Cleo who was sitting on the mangrove roots, there hasn’t been another terrier-looking dog. I was at the farm yesterday morning with some volunteers, one of whom is a true, independent rescuer. From all the hate-mail, death threats & whatever harassment we have received, I will proceed to hide the identity of our supporters unless they choose to take on anything come-what-may.

So shall they fear the name of the Lord from the west, and his glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59:19.

We called out to Hope, who responded with an equal amount of enthusiasm. He wagged his tail and was just pleased to see Sabrina. (I think I fell in love there & then but I’m sure Rufus wouldn’t take it too kindly being the alpha male in the house……well, sometimes!). We opened the cage door to let him out to play. Being so weak & only at 7 months old, we needed to let him rest as much as he could……but he was just so happy!!!





And into Sabrina’s arms he hopped!!! (So cute!) He was still frail but you could see that he fought to live after being in the hospital for a week. Oh, his eyes….even Romeo is not his match.


Hope doing his business in the bushes…..

Last week when we planted 50 nangka saplings, 4 mulberry trees, 2 avocado trees and whatever we could bring to bless the farm, we had the honorable assemblyman, YB Edward Lee & his entourage to come and physically plant them. It would take 2 years for them to grow high enough to provide shade for the dogs’ afternoon siesta. We would have planted more as the farm is really spacious but we are reserving space for other things…..

It’s so good to run around the land without any restrictions whenever the mutts want to play catching with you…..errr…..yeah, I do play a lot when I’m not on out in the mangroves.


When he’s had enough, this fella will occupy his spot beneath the table to snooze. He has to be chained periodically as he opens gates and let himself out of the farm when no one is watching! He doesn’t mind since he gets busted anyway. Haha!

Here he is!!! Snoozing!!!


And another one who dug himself a little hole he calls his crib…..note his feeding & water bowls. He returns to this spot all the time. Now we know why the hole gets dug up after we patch it!!!


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  1. ashley wong says:

    Hi Pam

    thanks for sharing all your photos with us. sorry to have missed you yesterday i went to FFF but for once i was early. i did see this hole with two metal bowls by it and did wonder about it.

    now i know why! 🙂

    i’m so glad to know that hope and her friends are all on the way to good recovery after their horrifying ordeals.

    my love affair with FFF has reached another level – permanent commitment. i can’t help it 🙂

    i love the way the dogs ran around the farm, happily playing among themselves (catch or hide and seek), and I love the way they welcome all visitors and volunteers with cheerful greetings and personalised escort service. even my sis was equally charmed by them all.

    to say that they are happy, well-adjusted (and as well-adjusted as can be for the newcomers) is understatement.

    wish i have the time to stay longer to get to know each and everyone of the farm resident, the way sabrina is …that would be my goal.

  2. andromedia says:

    For a start, you knew me… 😛

  3. Veronica says:

    O dear ! Hope looked sooooo cute in the photo compared to his first appearance in The Star weeks ago.
    And Ronnie, a rescued male dog in Selangor, snoozing his way after a heavy meal.
    Moon snoozing in her ” Cradle ” designed by herself in the farm really attracted many visitors while they walk around… There are many spots also belongs to Moon. Ha! Ha! And you know, Moon was rescued by an Elderly Chinese man in Cheras when she was born in a Malay Motor Shop. Her Mum, Money is always escorting her at the farm till today when Moon is already one year old.
    The Chinese man and his family support Moon and her Mum for their vaccination, deworm, heartworm prevention, neutering and RM1 a day for each per month.We are glad that the family is still committed with their support to Money and Moon.

  4. Mrs Tham says:

    Good to know Hope too is getting better as days passes by. And it sure looks like fun at the farm.
    I can’t wait to bring my son there to play with them furry kids although he has one that he likes to wrestle with at home. But will have to wait till July as my 2nd car will be coming then. As for now can’t really make my way there yet, our family car utilized by hubby daily for his construction job…and lately for the past 2 months even on Sundays as they are rushing for project handover.

    Following up daily on the rescue mission and FFF matters do really bring satisfaction to the heart knowing the abundance of compassion, love, sweat and patience being offered unconditionally, to save and to look after these abused animals, giving to each a 2nd chance to life.

    Not many can do what you all are doing and had done…Not even those in it for so many decades and GOD knows why!

    I must say… it is not surprising that FFF gets the spotlight and praises from us public gaining preference amongst the individual/independant animal rescuers. Keep up the good work!

    You all shall be in my prayers everyday…and with all the prayers of good intention from all its supporters, I am pretty sure the Farm and all that had made it possible shall be protected from all evil by the Almighty. Those who shoot poison arrow and spit venom at the farm and the rescuers here will be judged by the people sooner or later and justice will come. The GOOD will rule.

    When the day the Almighty judge, there will be no where to hide. So please repent from all evil intentions and save your souls.

    Please let us know how Desiree is doing ya!
    Love to ya all! Please be careful!

  5. ShaolinTiger says:

    Pam do let me know if you need the photographers to take pics of the legions of dogs at FFF or not.

    Not sure so let me know either way so I can confirm or call it off.

  6. MAE says:

    Oooh….You cannot but fall in love with Hope. Soo… adorable all the kids at the farm.

    Perhaps, FFF could expand its RM1 per day for dog donation drive. Let’s say, post all the individual kids’ photos (with their names and brief profile) at FFF website. Anyone can chose any kids to adopt online virtually. A RM30 per dog p/month is affordable for most supporters.

    Of course it will great if anyone can physically adopt these adorable kids. Give these kids a loving home. Guaranteed a reward of unconditional love. Plus they have very good upbringing; they have been brought up and cared for by Sabrina herself. What more can potential adopters can ask for. Top notch quality plus you know exactly where they come from and Sabrina is open and honest about her kids. No surprise in store for you potential adopters.

    Believe that most FFF supporters are students and not the loaded lot. Mrs. Kam concerts in August/Sept proceeds is to sustain the most 3 months top for the 100+ kids. Have to think long term.

    (The process of getting a non-profit maybe tax-exempt outfit status may take up to 2 years. Corporate sponsors said it is difficult to sponsor sole proprietorship as it is difficult to convince the board to exercise their CSR (corporate social responsibilty) as they would be no problem sponsoring big time a non-profit tax-exempt outfit).

    For those who felt something more could be done for the kids but you can’t go to the farm or adopt and you would like to do something.

    Individually you can raise fund for FFF by yourself; within your commodity or your office. You can donate part/all of the proceeds to FFF via cash or supplies like rice, cod liver emulsion, olive oil, organic apple cider, shampoos or whatever in FFF’s wish list.

    You can do garage sale, bake sale; if your family and friends couldn’t get enough of your killer cup-cakes; brownie, fudge, char-siew pau, mooncakes, vadai, curry puff, popiah etc… you can sell them to raise fund. Or you have too many shoes, too many bags that you are hiding and stuffing them in your closet, under the stairs, under your beds you can convert them to cash. You do not even have to say it for FFF (because its your stuff and products) as Pam said so many sabotages going around. It’s up to you to give all or part of the proceed to upkeep the kids.

    Don’t know if any insurance companies have any group package for medical insurance for the kids at FFF. It’ll be great as it will help with the yearly medical cost of vaccinations, deworming, illness etc.

    Raising a fur kid at FFF is like raising a human kid when you have fur kids to have to put aside funds for at least for a 15 years’ timeline. But it is a worthwhile investment as if you treat them great they forever be gracious and rewards you with unconditional love.

  7. Dr. Kim Gorman says:

    Pam, is TV still taking donations for Sabrina? Here in the states, it’s easier to use Pay Pal. God is blessing your good deeds, right motivation and kind actions. The photos of the dogs and your descriptions keep us going, too.


  8. andromedia says:

    Yea… I support MAE’s suggestion to expand it’s donation drive. RM30 per month per furry kids isn’t a big sum and many can actually afford it… 🙂

    And Dr Kim, although Paypal is easier to use, but to avoid complications and confusions, it’s better to just TT the money to FFF’s own account. In that case, all money would be accounted for and it would be easier for Sabrina to check too. It might be a little hassle on your side but as most said, where there is a will, there’s a way… 🙂

  9. Jolee Fox says:

    I agree with expending the donation drive… I think FFF needs more concrete fencing… with diggers there, it’s a matter of time before they dig holes under the fences

  10. Dr. Kim Gorman says:

    I don’t know how to do bank transfers yet, but I will find out!

  11. andromedia says:

    Thanks Dr Kim… this means a lot to FFF… 🙂

  12. hurricaneMax says:

    I fully endorse that donations/contributions should be made directly to FFF Bank account.

    It saves a lot of accounting work (hence cost to FFF). The book keeping is simple with audit trail easier to follow.

    The procedures of direct contribution to FFF allows for transparency and accountability…with only Sabrina being the only party accountable.

  13. in says:

    My dog used to dig a hole in the same spot in a corner of my garden too! I think its because of the heat, the soil is cooler underneath. He has since stopped doing that because my plants in the porch has matured and provides him with shade now. Hopefully the nangka saplings grows fast.

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