The Noah In You

Photo by Joanne Lee

The dog that got away. Looking lost but hopeful, we know that the return of the dog to the feeding station is a sign that it is beginning to trust us, the food is forthcoming. The barks from a distant signify more dogs in the vicinity and only time will tell.

Photo by Joanne Lee

With all the prayers and blessings we have received, there should be no reason why all of them cannot be saved. Our God is a great God, making provisions for everything, from the time He thought man was too sinful to be left to their own devices, He preserved two of each kind in the animal kingdom when He instructed Noah to build his ark to accommodate them. Today, Noah comes in the form of you,  your effort to spread the word, your concern for their welfare and your upkeep of the banished ones.

Just when we thought about a plan to have continuous fundraising activities, those relentless simpletons will not stop at anything to reach Mrs. Kam to stop her from helping us with her concerts. To think that some people would go all out to deter others to help FFF in trying to upkeep the 100+ dogs with a No-Kill Policy just goes to show what prevention of cruelty is all about in Selangor. Well, let me give you an idea of how much I spend on Rufus (and he’s only ONE dog, mind you) each month.

Rufus biscuits – Blackwood 1000 7.5kg = RM85

Rufus loves canned Nature’s Gift 700gm = RM7.90 x 6 cans = RM47.40

Total = RM132.40 per month x 12 months = RM1,588.80 per year.

This is for one dog, which has the capability of living up to 15 years of age. Let’s just say the canned food is not necessary. We’ll use the figure of RM85 per month to feed one dog, which means that would come up to RM8,500 per month to feed 100 dogs without counting the vet bills, vaccination, spaying/neutering and what nots. In a year, Sabrina would have had to look for RM102,000 conservatively to feed & care for them. What about 15 years??? Why don’t we all do the math??? Or are the simpletons too caught up in their simple minds to mind the affairs of others instead?

Alright, maybe she wouldn’t have to use Blackwood, even Pedigree or Alpo would have been fine but how much savings that would come up to, would be ploughed back into the maintenance, upkeep and administration of the farm. And the simpletons cannot even see the challenges let alone talk about the perceived surplus funds collected in aid of the rescue mission. What an amazing revelation this mission had been to me!!! The people who talk about animal welfare the most, are the ones trying to shut down other animal welfare groups, independent rescuers while leading their army of simpletons to spread poison amongst those who give a helping hand! Wow!

In one month, we achieved more milestones from bringing strangers together to fend off big bullies and simpletons slandering the sleuths who ferretted the captive. Even the man who had regretfully donated his Mercedes Benz to the wrong ORG had come to us in full support of truth, righteousness and against the surreptitious wickedness. Just how far they would go to destroy another human being is beyond anybody’s guess but I proclaim the promises that God will vindicate and deliver His judgment upon those who mistreat the orphans and widows.

Please contact Sabrina directly if you want to continue your support at

The video has been stripped off the music that it contained and I will re-upload it once I can.

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  1. yogi says:

    I read that Grace was sick recently. How is she now? Any news?

    Keep up the good work. You guys are amazing.

  2. Joe Ho says:

    Hi Pummkin,
    Thank you for the video. The video is great! I laugh when i saw Hitam and Kuning is “doing” something funny in one of the picture!
    You guys from FFF really earned the highest respect from me and my friends.
    I myself only support “no kill” shelter. From my point of view, what is the point to save the animal and later give execuses of no rooms for the animal and put them to sleep!
    Sorry to say that, what i can do now is to help to spread the words to as many people as possible from my facebook. I believe the more people know about this, the more help is coming!
    Keep up the good work, you always have our support!

  3. andromedia says:

    *sigh* That ORG and their supporters are trying to stop Mrs Kam from helping FFF? Did they succeed?

  4. Shooi says:

    I have stopped reading printed newspapers since i discovered blogs as an alternative source of news. It angers me to find out what the ORG has been doing from the *hints* in your blog and I wish that there’s a way for me to find out exactly what that ORG has done! But i respect the fact that you need to be careful about what you write in blogs as well.

    Anyway, i wanna say that I would love to go to Mrs Kam’s concert but I won’t be able to. But I would also love to be able to sponsor some of the less fortunate ones (senior citizens, disabled, etc) to go to the concert.

    Do let me (and I am sure many others know) if there is a way for us to support the concert remotely.

    Cheers and keep up the excellent work.

    God bless everyone in the team.

  5. Remee says:

    I share the same feeling as Joe Ho too, if I want to make a contribution. I just bank in cheque in fovour to Furry Friends Farm to CIMB bank A/C 1457-0001182-056, right?
    Keep up with the good work.I’m still hoping Salvation is still alive.She looks like my Shih-Tzu named HONEY…

  6. scott warner says:

    hi pummkin…so sorry to hear that goliath is still trying to pick on david — as it were. i can only imagine that they (this bully of an *.ORG) is afraid to lose some of their precious donations and moreover their publicity and supposed fame. the whole thing is stupid and boggles the mind as to why on earth this *.ORG wouldn’t want more and more orgs to pop up…the more people that are out there getting the word out about treatment of God’s creatures the better…oh, why do we bother to figure it out, pummkin? at the end of the day, it is this for me…rationally, these guys are backwards thinking and acting in direct contradiction to their actual mission and vision statements (actions speak volumes over words, guys!). Trying to figure them out is futile because – whatever their motives are – it doesn’t make sense to rationally thinking people.

    the rational person would say – if they were in charge of this giant ORG – “FFF is doing some good things here; even though they may not be run exactly as we would run it. let’s mesh our strengths and work together and everybody’s mission gets accomplished – that being saving these mutts (mutts is a loving term i use) from this island – faster and better. let’s shy away from fame and focus on fixing this current issue and putting into place a mechanism (education, alternatives, etc) to prevent this idiocy from happening again.” for those in the ORG that might think that they tried do “mesh strengths” i would submit that: kidnappng an important tool in the rescue and bringing it to a grinding halt for days on end, working to halt the fund raising activities of another rescue organization, trying to get another organization evicted and trying to bring the halt the entire operation of another dog rescue organiztion is not “meshing strengths.” if you indeed care about animals think of this, “what will happen to 100+ animals if FFF doesn’t get donations and/or is evicted?” the only answer is that you will have to kill them…that’s a piss poor result from a bunch of supposed animal lovers, eh?
    OK…sorry to hijack your comments, pummkin…just passionate about the idiocy of greedy headline grabers that don’t think things through all the way to the end. with this i step off my soapbox if only for a minute – amen! πŸ™‚

  7. karen says:

    hi pummkin, would like to ask on the donation part. Do I need to inform anyone once I have made donation into FFF account?

  8. Mrs Tham says:

    πŸ™‚ LOL…HITAM!!! Did you really missed Kuning THAT MUCH??! OMG someone must keep on reminding HITAM that KUNING is a HE! πŸ™‚

    Well Pam, I had my personal experience with this BIG BULLY ORG and that really SPEAKS what kinda ORG they are!! People who had their fair share of experiences will know what I am relating to here.

    We have supporters of all kinds here…even we have people who loves and hates animals within the same family. What I know is if you are passionate about certain things and are able make a career out of it, congratulations you are on the right track! But if you are force to work at something that is against your will with your ricebowl on the edge, well it will take a very strong person to step out! And some just do what they do due to fame and publicity and easy money as they are these kinda people too.!

    And I truly believe all those in favor of FFF supports from their heart and definately has a clear mind. And those who supports with understanding and love will be around for a long long time and will not be easily swayed back and forth!

    So FFF, you have our support and our prayers too.
    I am still hoping that Salvation can be found soon too! And does anyone have any info how GRACE is doing?

  9. andromedia says:

    Grace is doing fine. Sabrina did mentioned that both Hope and Grace were cleared by the vets last Sunday. They should be back to FFF on Monday or Tuesday. They should be probably back by now… πŸ™‚

  10. MAE says:


    Did they succeeded to stop Mrs. Kam to help FFF?

    ORG has already in their pockets big corporate sponsors to help them build their ‘building’, subsidize vaccinations’ neutering, adoption. Fund their stray free fund. Even their big patron pitched in to negotiate and secure for the lease of the land they are on. A giant food manufacturer/distributors donates dog/cat food for their use. Not forgeting the jumble sales and overwhelming public donations in cash, in kind and stuff to the ORG in the past month.

    Question is… One can’t help but wonder how big a ‘coffer’ are they protecting. If some people have come forward and attested through their personal experiences that the ORG’s policy to keep surrendered animals ranged from 24 hours to maybe a few weeks upto the point where they are ‘put to sleep’.(A small fraction only were adopted maybe 10%)plus donation fees ranges from RM70 to RM200 per head (again; revenue here)

    Besides, the donations that ORG asked when animals were surrendered. The most mind boggling is..the analogy is …What is the difference between the ORG and people collecting benefits and pensions on behalf of your dead relatives?!?!

    What is the real intention here; FFF is trying to raise fund to sustain the lives of the animals they have rescued. The financial commitments is enormous as Pam has listed out here. What is the real deal? What happens to the animals when the fund runs out and there is no more funds coming in …. Surrender to ORG to put to sleep?

    The only lives that are at stake here is the lives of the innocent creatures who were given a second chance to live!

    To those who are trying to get to Mrs. Kam; how do you sleep at night..or how to see yourself in the mirror ..Oh, maybe I am missing a point here; you are too in-love with your own reflection that you fail to see anything else; at the end of the day who are you trying to destroy…innocent God’s creatures?. For once look within yourself and try not to operate from a place of greed and vanity.

  11. pummkin says:

    Dear All,

    Mrs. Kam plans her concerts a year in advance and this fundraising event on the 1 & 2 August was initiated by Mrs. Kam (Director/Conductor of Operafest) herself. FFF is very privileged to have her support and she doesn’t care about all the deranged supporters of the big ORG sowing seeds of dissent because she is helping FFF’s animals. She even said that she is willing to help any other org who needs it & please get in touch with her should you require her help but please don’t call her to talk nonsense because she has no time for that.

    Mae, Mrs. Tham & Scott, these people will stop at nothing to stop us because they are puppets with strings tugged by their puppeteer. If they ever use their minds at all, they would see that it is a deep personal feud that a former boss has over a former employee who outperformed anyone in the ORG in the history of them being here. Sabrina was on top of things, on top of prosecuting cruelty cases, the judges/magistrates know her face because she is ALWAYS ATTENDING COURT CASES ALONE despite having 10 people showing up from Department of Veterinary Services to assist the prosecution case. Even the DVS staff are perplexed why NONE OF THE ORG’s so-called office bearers are present in ANY of their cases. It just goes to show again, who does the work…..ALL THE TIME. Does anyone care to ask them? Or ask their committee members??? Brilliant of the simpletons to go blindly giving threats when they know nothing of their history, isn’t it?

    I have more respect for the former PR Manager who’s father was my family doctor than the PR Manager now, who holds no substance in any of her sugar-glazed words. And to think that she was present in the boat that took the hostage…..tsk, tsk!

    Remee, Salvation is actually Hope! She was the first to be saved! I haven’t been able to get a hold of Donald to let him know that. Both Grace & Hope are fine & will be discharged soon. Will try to get pictures of them when I’m at the farm next. It’s difficult to take pictures when the dogs crowd around me & some even standing on my lap while I crouch to shoot. I feel like a superstar whenever I’m there……oooh!!! What a feeling! πŸ˜€

  12. andromedia says:

    Pam… your last line, about having that superstar feeling whenever you are at the farm, I am sure many others felt that too, especially when you have food at your hand… πŸ˜›

    They ate my lunch last week… πŸ˜›

  13. Mrs Tham says:

    Pam…are you sure that Hope is Salvation??
    As Hope and Cleo looks pretty much alike except for Hope has a more white coat and Cleo has a black one. From the pics, Salvation looks pretty unlike Hope as Hope has a more elongated jaw and Salvation’s are more (flattened) really like a ShiTzu’s…
    I do really hope that you are right, that is… Hope is really Salvation.

  14. Remee says:

    Every time when I hug my Shih Tzu “Honey”, the pic and Donald’s articles abt Salvations appear in my mind. I can imagine how does Donald feel that he was unable to save him/her…
    Reading his article abt Salvation make my tear drop without knowing it until “Honey” barking at me that day.
    I really hope that he/she is fine and save with FFF.
    Does Donald agree Hope is Salvation?

  15. Hong Yee says:

    Hi Pam,

    So glad to meet you in the farm!! It is so nice to see so many volunteers and supporters there. A little suggestion about Mrs Kum’s concert, to help create more publicity, can we have a poster scanned, so that we can also help forward to our friends in our contact list via e-mail. (Now is mid of June, we only have 6 weeks left till August to sell 300 tickets).

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