50 Dog Tags Are Ready!

Thank you, Maryanne and team for getting them prepared! For each and everyone of you who has transferred money into FFF account as well as TV Smith’s PayPal, you have ‘purchased’ a tag for a dog at FFF. This means, your contribution of any amount, has bought and redeemed the dog’s dignity and restored its pride for having suffered untold cruelty. Each dog in FFF, regardless of background, have a 2nd chance to life.

As we are in the process of making FFF into a non-profit organisation, any transaction through the FFF bank account has to be documented not as donation but a sale of sorts lest some big ORG find fault with us and take Sabrina to court. Her affairs, pursuits and farm had been subjects of interest to the organisation she left 3 years ago.

If you have contributed in either accounts, Sabrina would appreciate if you could send her your transaction slip for reference purposes so that she can also account for the dog tags, collars, equipment for rescue and dog food that YOU had purchased for this rescue mission. She can be reached at yeapwen@yahoo.com. Thank you very much.

For those who would like to ‘purchase’ the dog tags at any amount, please bank in payment to Furry Friends Farm account at 1457-0001182-056, CIMB Bank Malaysia with Swift Code CIBBMYKL for overseas transaction. We are in the midst of administrating what needs to be done.

I will update on the dog saved yesterday as I’m trying out a mobile blogging client software on my mobile phone. Keep those pictures coming, Maryanne and team!

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  1. andromedia says:

    This is a job well done…

    It’s a shame that Sabrina has to spend more time doing extra work, balancing donations with purchases and expenditures of FFF just because some dumb ORG find faults with such issue. She could have use those precious time of her for something else… there are plenty of other issues that require her attention.

    And Pam, I didn’t get to see what mobile you are using during your last visit to FFF. If by any chance you are using a WindowCE based PPC and needed software support, let me know… I might be able to help… 🙂

  2. Kim Gorman says:

    Pam, I have sent two donations so far and am sending birthday money today (June 4) to tvsmith@gmail.com via Pay Pal. I don’t get receipts, though! I could email Sabrina with the three amounts, will that be enough?

  3. ShaolinTiger says:

    Ah that reminds me, need to get the volunteers to take the pictures of the mutts.

    Keep up the great work Pam.

  4. hurricaneMax says:

    donations made to various bodies representing FFF will be hard to trace. Many of us dont keep the receipts/slips etc…I’ll suggest that ALL donors just email Sabrina this info:
    Name of donor.
    Date of donation via to which channel/body
    Amount (in USD or Ringgit or A$ or Yen or whatever).

    Sabrina will then use that info and issue a receipt of Sale for the dog tag. Do not worry too much about the selling price of the Tag…Its the Seller’s market. And the DogTag is a piece of Artwork in itself! At what price is Art?

    hMx-buyin’ doggietag

  5. Huey says:

    I have transferred to FFF’s CIMB account before and have attached e-receipt to dogrescue.pk@gmail.com . Is this enough? I don’t want to send another one to create duplication and confusion. 🙂

    Talking about that, I might be at the bank making transfer again these few days. 🙂

  6. Janice says:

    Hi, FFF may need more tags soon…….more dogs will be coming in from Hell Island, right????

    I will definitely make somemore contributions to FFF in the long term….as I don’t mind giving up nice meals and shopping for the poor doggies 🙂

  7. Janice says:

    Hi, FFF may need more than 50 tags……am sure there will be more doggies coming in from Hell Island??

    I will continue to contribute to FFF in future…….by giving up nice meals and shopping as long as I can see that beautiful smile on these doggies 🙂

  8. andromedia says:

    Actually, FFF needs more than just 50 tags now. FFF has more than 100 dogs right now, maybe 120… more or less… and more are coming…

    These are just the first batch. FFF will definitely need more…

    Perhaps we should make some as souveniers for sale. Me for a start would definitely like to have one as my key-chain or something… something that can be shown to others that what FFF is all about…

  9. madmoz says:

    1. If you need someone to balance the books etc, i might be able to help FOC. I am a CPA (i.e. qualified number cruncher).
    2. Those tags look really nice, perhaps we could generate some income for FFF by selling a variation of these to the public – i.e FFF friend on one side, and name of furkid on the other.

  10. Kim Gorman says:

    Yes, they are quite beautiful and stainless jewelry is all the rage now. I like andromedia’s idea of souvenirs. What does the “TQ 4A” stand for? Pam and Max, I sent TV and Sabrina by email a copy of the Pay Pal history.

  11. Janice says:

    Hi Kim

    I think “TQ 4A” means Thank you for a…..2nd chance 🙂

  12. andromedia says:

    Indeed… TQ 4 A 2nd CHANCE is translated to “Thank you for a second chance”…

    Internet language… 😛

  13. Those are very nice tags. May I have one for myself?

    Oh! by the way, andromedia, I have to attend obedience training this Sunday, thus, will not be able to go FFF. Shall take a rain check.

    Can’t wait for Pummkin’s update on more dags rescued.

  14. Kim Gorman says:

    Very cute, Janice and Andromedia, thanks.

    I just read a horrific story about the Hanzhong province in China killing (by beating with sticks) 20,000 dogs in 10 days in a horribly misguided attempt to stop the spread of rabies. What is wrong with those people?!!!?!??! Nights like this make it hard to sleep.

  15. Jolee Fox says:

    If FFF is going to be registered as a rescue society, I hope the regulations are checked and understood clearly… If I’m not mistaken, Shelters HAVE to take any animals handed to them or left at their doorstep. Regardless of animal’s or shelter’s condition. If this is true, then Sabrina will have a major problem on her hands.

    I dont know for sure, but do check…

  16. Mrs Tham says:

    very nice tags indeed… will be sending FFF all my donations details, it’s ok I do not need a receipt. BTW suggestions of souvenirs by andromedia eg keychains are great! what about fridge magnets…etc….will want to have them tags for my own pups too. Let us know if you happen to put up an eStore within FFF webpage so we can browse thru the items and order them…:-)

  17. andromedia says:

    Well, it’s ok Nikki… I’ll still be going… 🙂

    Jolee, Sabrina is working things out now to convert FFF into a NGO. But regardless, Sabrina will still take strays but with certain conditions. It’s all on their policy list at http://www.furryfriendsfarm2006.blogspot.com/

    Also, you might want to check out this post out…

  18. andromedia says:

    Mrs Tham, actually, I meant that I wanted to buy one of those tags to be used as key-chains… 🙂

    I simply don’t think FFF will have the time and resources to start up an e-store, not to mention that it contradicts with what FFF is for… a shelter… 😛

  19. Hong Yee says:

    Can I scan the e-receipt of CIMB and e-mail to Sabrina or do I have to sent the receipt by post? Somebody please advise before I scan/post. TQ

  20. MAE says:

    FFF will have to define all its objectives and purpose as non-profit organisation in its constitution and its regulation by using the template provided by the Registrar as a guide.

    FFF will have to adhere to its constitution and regulation (drafted by FFF ….***very important to get professional and legal advice*** (to cover all present and future basis and plans) and approved by Registar of Society (ROS) and its acts. ROS will advise FFF on this.

    Sabrina can ascertain which route she wants to take i.e. as a sanctuary (what is it conditions) or function as a shelter.

    The upside is that FFF will have a wider avenue to sustain itself in terms of appealing, raising for funds or creating and generating avenues (novelties) to sustain itself legally. E.g. SPCA have a charity shops.

    FFF will prepare annual audited accounts (which have to be provided for viewing upon request or during disputes).

    Thus, do not have to put up with the problems that Sabrina is dealing now with other established registered organizations.

  21. Mei Ling says:

    It’s really great to know so many of us here that supports Sabrina and wishes to help FFF to the next level. Coming together for a common cause. Feels really heartfelt. Very ‘Kam Tong’. =)

  22. ML says:

    Anybody knows how Grace is doing?Hope she is fine….i have been sms for approval to go FFF…but no reply….can we juz drop by on any Sun (2.00 – 5.00) to visit our furry friends and help up at the farm…..?

    Plse advise.

    Have scanned the bank in slips & emailed to Sabrina for her accounts consolidation.

  23. Kevin says:

    Greetings all,

    I’ve been following this blog and have made two donations to TV Smith’s PayPal account but have so far refrained from posting anything.

    I wish I could volunteer at FFF but I’m in Penang, so all I can contribute is a little bit of monetary assistance.

    I would like to wish everyone involved in the rescue efforts my sincere and heartfelt appreciation for doing what you do. Sabrina is lucky to be surrounded by such an upstanding group of friends.

    Anyhoo, enough babbling! Cheers to all of you!

    Best regards,

  24. andromedia says:

    ML, you can actually come. We really needed some extra help this coming Sunday. You can hand those receipts to her in person.

    If you need directions or guide, perhaps you can follow me there this coming Sunday. Let me know…

    p/s : Sabrina might be busy and have not find the time to reply those SMSes you sent. But FFF never rejects volunteers… or at least not so far… 🙂

  25. lilweiser says:

    If i would like to contribute to the tags, how do i do so? Any guidelines guys?

  26. ML says:

    Hi, Andromedia

    Sorry for the late reply. I have printed a map to Kg Baru Kundang. But, its good to have yr tel. no. in case i got lost.


    ml 🙂

  27. andromedia says:

    ML, I’ll do one better for you instead… if you are really interested in joining us this coming Sunday, meet us somewhere and we shall start the journey together… how’s that? 🙂

    lilweiser, you can actually get in touch with the person currently in-charge of the tags. But then again, Sabrina put a hold on the tags for the moment. This is for us to try out the quality of the tags before we we give it a full swing. No point wasting money on tags that won’t last. We have 50 tags made now and tagged 2 dogs already… Honey and Cash. Will update you on this… 🙂

    And for those concerned about Graces’ and Hopes’ condition, don’t worry. They are doing alright. The vet has cleared them. They should be released from the hospital soon… probably today or tomorrow… 🙂

  28. ML says:

    Hi, Andromedia

    I stay at Aman Puri Kepong, will ex Sg Buloh —> Rawang toll. Perhaps you can email a better version of the map. I tink i’ll manage to get to FFF.

    ml 🙂

  29. Annie says:

    Hi Andromedia & ML, I would like to join you guys on Sunday as well. Andromedia, can you suggest a place to meet and the time?? I was planning for Saturday but yet to have Sabrina’s reply for her approval. Couple of my friends wanted to take some photos on the doggies for a good cause.

  30. andromedia says:

    ML, I wish I have a map to FFF too. I tried various sources and even tried Google Maps, but so far, I am still hitting dead ends.

    If you have a map to Kundang and able to reach it, then it shall be very easy for you. If you need to get in touch with someone in case you get lost, you may always call Sabrina in person. She gives great directions… 🙂

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