A Good Tree Doesn’t Bare Bad Fruit, Neither Would A Bad Tree, Good Fruit



In light of what has been highlighted in the Chinese dailies on Saturday, another round of sensational news is reverberating in the social scene where followers are confused by what’s been implicated. I don’t read Chinese and I wont even attempt to have it translated online where it would garble up the meaning & distort the message. Hmm……I’m even getting threats for the complications of someone’s pregnancy in the comments section……how does this equate??? Just for getting mentioned in The Star’s Weekender last Saturday???


I had to be sure Kuning clears the lab tests otherwise, it would be disheartening to let the public know his condition after he was returned. He is back at the kelong now & its surely something that we can pop the cordial and celebrate. This is not a case of mistaken identity and though your suggestion of collar & tag is a good one, the environment he ventures into is a hazard if he gets stuck or when his collar is snagged by protruding branches. His agility & mobility in the mangrove swamp must be priority & he must be free of any encumbrances to survive so I understand your concern that he might be taken again due to his friendly nature but a collar is just not suitable right now.

Kuning is not an ordinary dog. He was a coveted dog from day one. All I can tell you is, good things come to those who wait. Accusations, intimidation, sabotage, threats……they have all been coming from one direction so far. Personal testimonies from so many of you just show one thing, if things were done right, things wouldn’t have to go wrong.

A good tree doesn’t bear bad fruit, neither would a bad tree, good fruit so beware, barking up the wrong tree is exhausting…..

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  1. Veronica says:

    Yes,we should celebrate the return of Kuning.
    I believe Kuning and the Kelong boys are the happiest in the world now!

  2. MAE says:

    Really good to see Kuning and Hitam back together again. Our boys really looks good together at the place they call home. Any way of putting trackers on them?

  3. hurricaneMax says:

    …maybe now Hitam wouldn’t be so scary-cat of us…His savior is back 🙂

  4. Eveline Ching says:

    I am so glad that Kuning is back. Also, you guys are doing such wonderful work…so passionate and unselfish. Wish you and all the volunteers all the luck and please take care care.

  5. Celine says:

    I saw Kuning’s pictures in TV Smith’s blog. He looks so incredibly happy. Just look at the big grin on his face. 😀

    Hooray to everyone!

  6. FurKids says:

    Pam, I agree about the collar stuff being hazardous. However, microchips on both Kuning and Hitam may be a good thing though, but then that significant scar on his side is famous enough :D.

    Well done, everybody, you guys are doing real good … Kuning boboy, we are all glad to see you home where you rightly belong!

  7. Kim Gorman says:

    Pam, I’m so sorry you are implicated by association. Please don’t let it discourage you further. Many deep breaths are earned. On to the next step! I told my father my birthday money this year is going to dogs in Malaysia and he just looked at me like I was crazy :). Some people never acquire the dedication to animals that those of us on this message board have. We still persevere!

  8. Hong Yee says:

    Never be bothered by whatever news that was reported…let me say again … whatever you guys have done is just great and wonderful!!

    Hooray to the reunion of Kuning and Hitam!!

  9. andromedia says:


    Please take note… some deadly viral disease among dogs are spreading due to hot weather… have to do something to ensure our furry friends at FFF is properly shaded and cooled…

    Although it’s currently reported in JB, chances is that it will spread or being developed locally…

  10. Thanks so much, andromedia re: the viral disease among dogs.

  11. Mrs Tham says:

    U have all of us behind you Pam.
    I believed that when Sabrina went to the island with TV as soon as she heard about this dumping of dogs…it was God sent! God had intervene! Any GODs would have intervened as we the supporters are praying from every corner of the world. A warm blooded person will not be able to take it seeing cruelty being enforced until this magnitude. Moreover with such a sick plan implemented by authority in high positions and the one in power to prevent this were still taking their own sweet time then “DOING GROUNDWORK” as explained later.

    As lives are involved and time is what we don’t have, Sabrina had done what was deem proper at point of time to safe lives.

    Obviously a person with the right track of mind will do what Sabrina and you guys had done rather then the “WAIT AH! HAVE TO DO GROUND WORK FIRST LAH! MUST SEE PEOPLE WILLING TO HELP KAH! MUST SEE WHERE GOT PLACE LAH! LETS PUT UP A FEW MEETING FIRST LAH!” kinda attitude as this stage are supposed to be carried out when the issue of over population of strays are brought to light…now now during critical time!

    Why can Sabrina take action so fast??..she has no big org/no big funds nor the Authorities backing her, she has got no paid staff to help, she’s just a little woman…all I can say is with a big heart indeed! 😉 and with growing supporters every minute!

    Miracles are happening! The return of Kuning is one! Who can say, maybe Salvation will be found next!

    When you are dedicated and do things from the heart, you’ll beat the odds somehow because the Almighty is on your side! Lets continue to pray for FFF and all its rescue mission not forgetting the rescuers! GOD is answering our prayers!

  12. Kim Gorman says:

    Amen to all Mrs. Tham said. As Christians sometimes say, “I am in agreement!” Where two or more are in agreement on a thing, prayer is so powerful!!

  13. MAE says:

    Totally in agreement with Mrs Tham and Kim Gorman. Things that happening now is happening exactly how it suppose to be.

    It is the test of faith in all of us; how we treat God’s creation is a reflection of how we treat each other as human beings.

    Pam, hope that you are not disheartened by all the poison arrows that are thrown in your path. We know that you are resolute to carry on the task that you carried. The truth is; you open up the truth and make some uncomfortable. You are being true to yourself and you to yourself. God bless you and Rufus. Our prayers and your faith will carry you through this difficult times.

    Sabrina; had breach another level; getting attention for what she had been doing all this while. Again; it makes other who doesn’t share the same belief as Sabrina uncomfortable.

    View the debates and claims made against Sabrina. It come down to this; IT IS TIME to take FFF to another level. Get the full fledged NGO status it deserve.

    If it is true that the landowner wants to evict her then it is time to move on. To those out there who have the resources e.g. orchard land that have been idle or state government lands that are idle it is time to extend a helping hand. Has she not proven herself enough that she can lead towards a caring and humane society? May the Selangor State Government take the lead and set the example.

    It is clear what is relevant before is not anymore. What we believe to be true is no longer the case. It is matter of core belief and cultural background. Those who solidly behind Sabrina all the while believe in sustaining a life. And there are those who belief otherwise than they support some other organization or cause.

    Kuning and Hitam is a prime example that animals do have feelings; see how they lead the way to rescue those who are still trapped. It is their nature to do so. Time to stop treating animals as merely possession to serve us humans. God put them on earth for a reason. To test ‘what choices do we make to serve humanity.

    As Charles Darwin said ” Not the strongest survives; not the wisest survives but THOSE WHO ADAPTS SURVIVES.

    It is a new era in our life. A new awakening has come into our generation. It is a new way of thinking; if we claim that we respect and love animals it does make any sense to support the cause by giving cash and donations to a cause that contradicts our core belief. We support Sabrina FFF because it is in harmony with our core belief.

    Pray one day the dream that all stray will have a loving home; there be no more stray. If one caring person takes in one/two stray; we do not breed; we do not sell; we do not buy there will be no more stray animals. Having a pet is at least 15 years of responsibilities.

    FFF; is a start; we are not immortals; imagine one day when we no longer able to take care of pet(s) due to physical inability or economic loss; would we rather that sanctuary like FFF take our loved on in.

    Sabrina; you will need to groom others who want to follow your lead. May God bless you always.

    Hope the sick ones in your care will recover soon. Our prayers all the way.

  14. Kim Gorman says:

    Beautiful statement, MAE. Well-said.

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