Note2bly Launched for Creativity


For the love of all things tech, the gearget girl makes an appearance at the much anticipated launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphone on 11 October 2012. Weaving through the heavy traffic in the rain to Zebra Square, the crowd mingling at the foyer greets me as I scan for familiar faces. It’s a much younger crowd at the do, most notably making up the numbers were the bloggers who appealed to the Generation Y.


Samsung selected three celebrities to showcase the Note II, the first being Adam Carruthers, the TV host, whom I had to do a Google search on to see what he was about as I don’t watch television & certainly didn’t have any interest in football to know how prominent he was in the field. FIrst I got a jolt upon seeing the same name appearing as a sex offender in my search results only to laugh at the disparity between the two. Adam is charming & charismatic as he evidently addressed the crowd & his co-speakers on stage when he demonstrated the Note II. Deborah Henry was the stunning host for the event & calling the second person in line, Razif Hashim, an actor & food show host, got on stage to join Adam. The third person was a real boon & he was none other than the talent behind the street murals that adorn Penang’s heritage buildings, Ernest Zacharevic!

The use of a Note II I would say, is befitting of an artist like Ernest who makes art so inviting in encompassing the culture of Penang as he painted the murals that he’s so well-loved for. He’s changed the streets of Penang & connected young & old folks in his depiction of culture in his art. Here, Ernest sketched a girl on the Note II before showing what one can do with the S-Pen, which is apparently vastly improved from its predecessor. WIth a vivid Super AMOLED screen, Samsung banks on inspiring everyday creativity in offering this tool of expression. WIth a full suite of apps that make use of the S-Pen, Samsung has added more productivity tools in the Note II’s Jelly Bean operating system.


There were 2 phones up for grabs, literally, when the balloons were released to the frenzy of people jostling & shoving to get at. Hidden in every balloon is a slip of paper that mostly says, ”˜Better luck next time’ or ”˜Congratulations!’ Whoever thought of this gimmick probably didn’t think enough when they centred the cluster in the middle of a huge hall. Why would they expect ladies in the room to jostle with men just for a phone? Whoever thought of the idea of guests grappling to seize & burst those balloons obviously thought very lowly of the guests in attendance. Seeing a lady get groped & shoved to the floor, much to her dismay, her winning slip flew out to the person who opportunistically claimed it for himself. I wonder if the event company thought we were hard up for the phone……


The activities outside proved to a hit with the guests who got to fiddle with the units to see how it performs. There was a ”˜decorate your cupcake’ counter that you can creatively garnish & being distracted by taking photos, I forgot to eat mine. The Note II is equipped with an 8 megapixel auto focus camera with LED flash, illuminating subjects when light fails you. Built to power movies, its 1.6GHz quad core processor can multitask as you watch your favourite films or YouTube funnies. The exterior is similar to the Galaxy S III’s smooth screen body & shoots pictures like the SIII too.

With insufficient time to explore this gadget, I will continue to cherish my Note & endeavour to bring you useful Android tips in my FB updates. You can subscribe to my public updates & #askpummkin any questions pertaining to how you can maximise the productivity of your Samsung smartphones. May the Note II set the standard for stylus-driven smartphones in time to come!

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