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If there is one thing I enjoy doing, is going to watch Jimbo perform with The Young KL Singers at The Actors Studio. Last year, in December, before I cut my hair, Pek Ling & I together with several others, went to watch ‘Going Home.’

This time around, Timothy & Connie, Pek Ling & friends, Rachael, Chu Yau & myself, were cheering for Jimbo to come back onstage after the show was over but he in all his blurness, waited for us outside the theatre. Jimbo is a chemical engineer who gets hit on, every time he goes on a diving trip with me, by other girls. He would ask me questions that would leave me dumbfounded……”Eh, Pam, which fin goes on the right foot & which one goes on the left ah?”

He has one trait that Pek Ling & I deplore, he FFKs (Fong Fei Kei – misses appointments). A lot of times. When Greg was around, Greg had his fair share of being stood up by Jimbo when he had bought the movie tickets for our regular movie marathons. He would make apointments that he would conveniently forget because he forgot to tell his ‘sexytary’ about his schedule that he forgot to key into his Palm PDA. He’s built 60 million dollar plants & reinforces the fact that he has 40 people under him & he still can give excuses that he can’t take leave to go diving. And he loves Pek Ling’s pink, polka dotted bikini when in actual fact, it’s checkered. Anyway, I feel like a mother hen when I have to pick on his schedule & remind him often what our plans are for the trips that he insisted we go on. He’s annoying but we still love him.

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  1. Pek Ling says:

    We enjoy his company as much as he does… tho the 2 of us keep pestering him…
    I should blog about the funny part of him! all the pocket money, ‘p*ngs*i-ing’,…. hahahaha….

  2. Antonio says:

    WOW, you look so elegant in the photos Pam.
    I guess by now you would have noticed that I am always keeping tabs on new posings by you. I believe I am one of the very first to get a Premier viewing of the latest “Pummkin’s” attraction!. (sounds like going for don’t know what kind of grand gala)heee…heeee.
    Anyway, back to this post. Pam were these photos taken before or after we met?. You look different (or am I “Ngan Fah Fah?)I really do envy you for going to all these plays and concerts. We don’t seem to have any here in Ipoh. Good posting, Keep it coming and am looking forward to your next posting(anxiously).

  3. pummkin says:

    Hey Antonio,

    The collage at the bottom was taken in December last year & the one on top was taken that Saturday of the 7th, which means, after we met! Aiyah, the tickets were sponsored by Jimbo’s corporate clients & they were given to us to make up for all his FFK moments!!! I hardly go to concerts but I do go to watch live bands as I have three musician students who performs all over the place! If I love the band or the singer or know the performers, it gives me a reason to dress up & show respect to the performers! This show by Jimbo is different. It’s so that we can cheer him on by shouting, “Jiiiiimmmbbboooooo!”

  4. Antonio says:

    Hi Pek Ling, would be nice to hear some of them thru Blogging. But I guess we should not be so mean to Jimbo (though I have not met him).
    face to face in a group is a different case altogether though. Ha…haaa…

    O by the way Pam, just realised that I wrote “posings” instead of “postings’in my earlier message. what was I thinking!!?. guess must be eager to get some photos of you posing for our cameras hee….heee…

    Anyway, you do look different with long hair, like one of the contestants of our local beauty pagent. Loooooking towards your next post….!

  5. pummkin says:

    Hahaha! Jimbo is a classic! Whatever I’ve written here is only a fraction of the funnies we have experienced with him!

    Beauty pageants? Read my take on them….http://www.pummkin.net/pitch/?p=12

  6. jazzmint says:

    wahh…so long never see ur face lehh..nice hair cut

  7. pummkin says:

    Hi Jazz! It has grown! So long I haven’t seen you too! Aiyo, your husband going on strike huh? He merajuk izzit? Don’t want to talk to me izzit? Tell him I’ll still love him whatever it is but I’m not joining politics…!!!

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