About Me

This blog was birthed out of the dramatic people I encountered in the places that I had the opportunity to visit as a dive instructor, underwater photographer, travel photojournalist & a former travel editor with Malaysia’s Tourism Ministry. It’s a personal expression of my lifestyle that takes me to different parts of the world, experiencing different culture & experimenting different foods.

In my capacity as an instructor for the last 18 years, I have assisted in scientific researches around the region, had the opportunity to put all kinds of gadgets to test, learning & practicing scientific methods, teaching & training marine enthusiasts how to dive while logging issues & experience in the process, to bring you not just conventional travel news, stories and photos but stories from a very different perspective of a professional at play & photojournalist at work. Being commissioned to the ends of the earth in search of weird stuff and wildlife, I’ve been sent to track migratory birds in India, wobbegong sharks in Western Australia, Vietnamese Boat People back in time through historical trails, paid to traverse in earthquake-prone countryside in a recce of new travel spots, planned expeditions as a diving officer, stumbled in political rallies caught in between crossfires & dived in shark-infested waters days on end!

Today, I accept commissioning from tourism authorities, most notably, Tourism Western Australia, Tourism Indonesia, Tourism Gujarat, Brunei Tourism, Department of Tourism, Philippines, Sabah Tourism, Tourism Turkey & Tourism Malaysia with the latest being Korean Tourism Organisation when I won the Samsung NX Traveller contest as a photo expert. I take assignments from travel & dive magazines around the region on a regular basis too. I was appointed as Sony Mobile’s Creative Ambassador utilising the Sony Xperia Z1’s smartphone in 2013 & was also Samsung Malaysia’s Digital Imaging Brand Ambassador in 2011. Detours USA’s made me their bag ambassador for the bags that I use when I cycle. Folding Bike Trading is my preferred choice of a full service bike shop while Lafuma, Manfrotto & National Geographic Bags are my main equipment sponsors for my lifestyle.

If you think I can benefit your business in any way, drop me an email & we can talk. Blogging is another extension of my life for the stories that can’t be told in commissioned articles so talk to me if you want something creatively presented. I had been teaching diving for a living and have been appointed as National Dive League’s Instructor Training Promotion & Development Director after qualifying as an Instructor Examiner as of Feb 2015. As of January 2016, I’ve made a relocation to Taiwan for my new appointment as the Managing Editor of Deepblu Inc., where I do most of my writings now. I accept advertisements and occasionally do sponsored blog entries just to spice things up.

I believe in professionalism in everything that I do. If I haven’t published anything that you are expecting, it’s either because an agreement has been violated or it has gone against my principles. I do not compromise my principles. For now, sit back & let your trackpad do all the browsing as I relate my amazing journey to you!

Amazing Journey Asia is the official site that details my travel destinations, places I’ve visited so do bookmark that too.

Below are the small feats I’m recognised for, covered by journalists from most major dailies over the years, some, I think are exaggerated but most true. I have had quite an eventful life. Click on the thumbnail to expand the article into a more readable size!

Kwong Wah Yit Poh, 5 November 2012


New Sunday Times, 7 October 2012


Guang Ming Daily, 25 August 2010

GuangMingCoralBleaching1.jpg GuangMingCoralBleaching2.jpg

The Star Newspaper, StarTwo March 2010

1040408.jpg 1040409.jpg 1040410.jpg 1040411.jpg

The News Straits Times, Tech & U 2008

The Malaysian Women’s Weekly Magazine 2005

WWeekly1.jpg WWeekly2.jpg WWeekly3.jpg
Life & Times of New Straits Times 2004
NSTcoverA.jpg NSTWholePart2.jpg
Marine Talk at SMK Convent Teluk Intan

Marine Talk Teluk Intan.jpg
Mabul Brats 10th Anniversary 2003

MabulBrats.jpg MabulBrats2.jpg MabulBrats3.jpg MabulBrats4.jpg
The Star 2003

Jarak NST 2000

Nanyang Siang Pau 1997

Nanyang1.jpg Nanyang2.jpg Nanyang3.jpg
Woman At Work Magazine 1997


Straits of Malacca Swim 1992

Chinese2.jpg Chinese1.jpg StarStraitsSwim92.jpg StarStraitsSwim92b.jpg
I’m still trying to locate news clippings from 1995 – 1997……