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Happy Thoughts, Happy Trails & Happy Fins!


Staring at my screen, my mind flows to the instances when & where I had been the happiest. My dad instituted in me when I was growing up, that it’s not how much I can make but what I do to get there that would make me rich. It’s not about being with the people who can help me achieve my goals but about making the goals to help the people around me so they won’t falter. He wanted me to go places, to see things, something I couldn’t really fathom at the age of 13, but his words echoed in my mind. I had 4 dogs, 17 cats & 2 turtles which I could never take with me & the thought of going anywhere without them wasn’t appealing at all. I was filled with thoughts of how to save the world – the world being the stray dogs & cats in Malaysia because every time when it stormed, the thought of a stray dog/cat being drenched & suffering in the cold, etched a despairing imagery that made my heart drop. Indeed, my first ambition had been to be a vet & save ”˜my world.’

As if animals had the seventh sense, (detection of impure intentions), my first dog, Mickey, was adverse towards my mother, a Hakka who USED to eat dogs. It’s repulsive to think my mom ate my best friends’ kind but in her days, it’s either dog meat or die of starvation. Well, the feud began as Mickey would wait for the time when my mom would hang her laundry (dad, sis & hers included) & when it was all done, would leap up the lines to pull them all off!!! LOL!!! He even knew which items belonged to her & would shred her clothes to bits!! ( I really shouldn’t laugh but it was such a funny sight to see her going after him with my dad & I running to the rescue! Rescue the dog, I mean…..) When my nanny does our laundry, Mickey would sleep underneath the clothes line to chase away the landing crows. Call this loyalty but it went on for years! I’m surprised she didn’t eat him up. Ppffffttttt! 😀


I went to school daily with several paw prints on my pinafore, drawing curiosity from teachers till they accepted the fact that I had very enthusiastic dogs that bade me farewell in the mornings. We went straight home after school, had lunch & short nap before we went to the golf club for our extra-curricular activities. On weekends, my sister & I would follow dad to the shooting range for his practices. We got acquainted with everyone at the club until I picked up air pistol shooting myself. I didn’t go as far as to represent the country like my dad did in the Asian Games, Commonwealth & SEA Games, but I got an idea how passionate dad was about his practices long after he retired from the sport. Then my thoughts went further back as a child when dad would bring us to the beach in Port Dickson. During low tide, there were lots of soldier crabs which I half expected to leap out of their burrows & nip me. Refusing to walk, I clung onto my dad’s legs for dear life…….with a reassuring voice, he said, “Darling, daddy will hold your hands & you can put your feet on mine. We will walk to the water together ok? The crabs won’t bite daddy’s feet!” That sounded just fine. I could do with that. So we set out with me standing on my dad’s feet, being held up by his hands & we took giant strides to escape the battlefield of claws & clippers….


Mom would disappear into the horizon the moment she enters the water. Used to freak dad out. Dad was the stronger swimmer but mom loved the sea & had no fear. Isn’t it apparent where I got this ocean-streak from??? Mom’s fearless attitude & dad’s wisdom had kept me astute in all other sense & I thank God for their dedication in my life. The last I heard, dad is happily playing golf in heaven. Mom will soon join him there. She can still recognise me but she’s no longer able to talk nor respond to what I say to her. ? – I am thankful that she is in Christ & my assurance is in the promises of God, in the Word that has been established since the beginning of time. I know she will be in a happier place after suffering from stroke twice.

I sail across the reef & look at the colonies that God had designed. It’s so awesome that He pieced them together to build a reef occupied by so many inhabitants. Even my camera cannot capture the marvels of His thoughts & all I can do is show you a glimpse of my world & what goes through my mind when I dive.


It’s been awhile since I wrote any heartfelt pieces. I was too busy getting in & out of aeroplanes, stopping to pick flowers but not to smell them, I’ve witnessed but not engaged & I have disassociated from caustic people who tried to rob me of my joy. I have made peace with God to not fret with people who discount me from their lives in their moment of weakness & after trying to make peace with them unsuccessfully, it’s time to move on. The burden is not mine to bear. God fills every need I have & I can’t ask for more. I hope they too, would forgive me for my silence in letting go.

I want to make every second count. I will take more pictures & fill you in on what goes on in my life, if you care to come back here. All these engagements to write for my sponsors are indeed, my own opinion & I will not endorse anything contrary to my beliefs. I have started my new appointment with another travel agency & this new covenant will be for His Kingdom. There will be events & exciting happenings as we roll out our offers soon. Hope you are able to join me in my adventures to make these stories come to life!

What Will I Be Asked On That Day?


Every morning when I meet with God, I go to a spot where I can be in His presence without having to worry if anyone could overhear me. I found a bench just by the beach & by about 6:40am, I would stumble out of bed, grab my Bible & traverse at first light to make my blurry eyed way to my meeting place. All of a sudden, it rained feathers. I can explain this! The feathers were probably trapped in the tree branches when the peacocks fly over the roof(yes, they can fly) & happened to be dislodged just as I walked beneath them so it made my day to gather them! The night before, I was feeling quite overwhelmed by the prospect of my dad dying at home. And Im here. Dont ask me why Im not at home by his bedside. I spent his birthday with him on the 18th & he was giving me last wishes instead of birthday wishes. I asked him how he felt about leaving this world & us. He said he felt peace. He only became a Christian 2 years ago. So has mum. Then my dive manager, Sam, walked in on me. Teary eyed & all. I think Id stunned him. As he tried to reason with me & consoled me, I thought to myself, well, Ive got to let go & let God. Im going to have a lot of things to ask God about this & wanted to bring to His attention that I was feeling despaired over my beloved daddy. Then Bernard, the sous chef, came in with his guitar & sang me some songs that lifted my spirit. And that night, we committed it to God by praying for wisdom to know what He has us here for.

Arriving at my bench of petition, there laid on the ground beside the bench, a long & beautiful peacock feather. Placed in such a way that I could never miss. Maybe God put it there to stop me from chasing the peacocks, telling them to ‘DROP FEATHER! before its time. It made me feel better already. At the very moment I ask for Gods presence, a black egret would fly just above the surface of the sea across me to land at the foundation of the jetty. Every day. Without fail. I thought it was a coincidence but I varied my waking hours between 6am & 6:45am. The moment I invite Gods presence, that egret will fly by me & rests on the jetty. Cool….So if you ask me why I would give up the conveniences of high speed broadband & wifi in my favourite coffee joint, chilling at my humble abode facing a lush tropical jungle with civet cats, Racquet-Tailed Drongos, Woody Woodpeckers, Owls & neighbours who are resting in peace, gallivanting with TV Smith, well, Ill tell you this, I havent spent enough time with God to warrant a retreat so He brought me here where all I could do is watch His magnificent creation all around me & say THANK YOU. The joy that comes from knowing that He has provided all things for the good of those who love Him & live according to His purpose. Id been sent birds & butterflies! God is everywhere!
Butterfly Beneath

Then I asked God if I were to meet Him now instead of my dad, what would He be asking me? I continued to ponder over the question even after I left the bench an hour later. Then an email Id received contained the answers that Id asked…..

God wont ask what kind of car you drove.
Hell ask how many people you drove who didnt have transportation.

God wont ask the square footage of your house,
Hell ask how many people you welcomed into your home.

God wont ask about the clothes you had in your closet,
Hell ask how many you helped to clothe.

God wont ask what your highest salary was.
Hell ask if you compromised your character to obtain it.

God wont ask what your job title was.
Hell ask if you performed your job to the best of your ability.

God wont ask how many friends you had.
Hell ask how many people to whom you were a friend.

God wont ask what neighbourhood you lived in,
Hell ask how you treated your neighbours.

God wont ask about the colour of your skin,
Hell ask about the content of your character.

God wont ask how good YOU were;
Hell ask if you believed in His Son who is the BEST.

God wont have to ask how many people you have decided to give the good news to,
He already knows your decision.

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