Beautiful Chung-Chung I Will Not Be….

Purposeful colours as a deterrent to predators.

I received flowers from Shanghai & greetings from Puerto Galera today. Remarkable distances these places are, yet with the technology of networks & computers, one is able to receive messages from different worlds. And it’s nice being thought of. Just when you think you are not appreciated, someone sends flowers & suddenly my day is made.

Last night, I was invited to a very pricey dinner at The Olive, Plaza Damas. I told Evie that this was an occasion to dress up for. And so we did. After a day’s work at the launch where I mastered the ceremony, we decided to prep ourselves to be seen. Lo and behold, the upstairs of the restaurant was reserved & apart from the five invited guests, four employees & a boss, there was no one to be seen. So much for looking good.

My best friend’s mom once told me, that I should dress to the nines & look my best even when I’m taking the rubbish out because I might never know if the person who bumps into me, could be a potential husband. I laughed at the thought then & still do. I have strutted out in my pyjamas with my head wrapped up in a wet towel before & I think those whom I met were just too polite to comment. What good is a beautiful creature if it exudes poison to those who touch it? Naturally, people would associate beauty with untouchables. Not that I want to be touched but I certainly would not want to appear toxic to potential ‘husbands’ as my best friend’s mom put it. Good tasting worms usually blend in with their surroundings. Fish loves earthworms. Birds too. So if I have to stay camouflaged to get the bird, then by all means, I’ll keep my pyjamas & towel on. What they can’t see usually taste better than the visually pleasing ones. I’m not looking for birds but I’m hyping the challenge for birds to look for me!!!!

Said a thousand legged worm, as he began to squirm,
Have you seen a leg of mine?
If it can’t be found, then I’ll have to hop around,
On my nine hundred ninety nine….
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  1. Anonymous says:

    I just love your photography, you seem to have a good eye for beauty where most would not see it.? make posters and sell on the internet.??

    Capt Blood Forever (moody pirate)

  2. pummkin says:

    My dear Tunku,

    If you could help me get Az Ah to return my computer, printer & scanner that’s still ‘quarantined’ at the office, I might just be able to do that. In fact, I’m organising some events which you would need to advise me on!!! It has to do with Endau trekking…. 😉

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