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The harder they try, the less they will succeed for the lies that they perpetuate will return to them in many folds. I just sit here in wonder amazement at how Erica can do what she does. Thank you for letting me get to know you better from your threats and your messages to people. I will pray for you.

Yesterday, Marjorie (in green bikini), Karin, Shah & Joanne went with Danny for a little bit more upscale rescue. They brought with them, a modified trap and nasi lemak. When they set the trap with Malaysians’ favourite breakfast, the whaft of the fragrant santan rice permeated the mangrove swamp till it brought out a vagrant no one had seen before. Of course Kuning & Hitam were once again, instrumental in assuring her of the presence of humans. After setting the trap, they returned to the kelong to wait & watch. This little brown one went in but she came out without taking the bait. The aroma proved to be too irresistable and she set foot inside the trap to eat and WHAM!!! THE CAGE DOOR SHUT!  Woohoo!!! We caught another one!!!

She’s almost a living skeleton but her eyes show her desire to live as she gobbled up the food & slurped up the water throughout the boat journey back. Danny has named her Desiree (pronounced as Deh-ser-rei).

Kuning & Hitam were busy mingling with the remaining strays sifted out from their usual gallivants. Desiree must have not had any food or drinks for weeks. This mission has not only given a new lease of life for the banished but has renewed hopes for the rescuers, the kelong workers, Sabrina and all you contributors for making it possible. Thank you, kind souls!!!

Sabrina needs more support at her farm on weekdays. If you have time to spare, please give her an SMS to make an appointment to help out. The reward is tender, loving attention from the furry friends who will adore yours.

Seen here, Kuning & Hitam doing their work.

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  1. Mrs Tham says:

    Keep up the good work…
    GOD is with you all. Miracles will fill your days and the work done will never be forgotten..
    we all love you!

    A message from my 4 year old son in exact words, “tell all those people Kuan Yin Ma can see them from her house in the sky. They save the dogs. Kuan Yin Ma is happy you know..

  2. Chibi_Tenko says:

    LOL, Kuning and Hitam looks like those professional cowboy wranglers trying to catch a wild mustang.

    Anyway, don’t be bothered by NBTD (nothing better to do) people, Pummkin. We and the public knows who is right and wrong.

    Keep up with the good work!

  3. Dr. Gorman says:

    OH! Pam, Marjorie, Shah, Karin and Joanne… BLESS YOU!! Another saved soul. “Almost a living skeleton”.. oh, my dear, I’d say not just ‘almost’. Poor, lovely thing. The same color as my own dog, a Border terrier mix named Sarah. What wonderful news. Wonderful.


  4. Mrs Tham says:

    Marjorie, pls wear some kinda footwear when you are on Hell Island. I am very worried for you when I see you walking barefooted. Please take care my dear!

    I just saw the footage and OMG, I must say Desiree is really really skin and bone. It shows that despite such cruel and harsh environment, the dogs’ desire and willpower to live on is still so strong! Everyone of them poor souls fight to live till the end!

    “So who are we to call the SHOTS to have them put to sleep just because of some silly “NO SPACE” excuse! If you know you have No Space since some decades ago, then go MAKE SPACE! A Shelter don’t have to be in the City of Kuala Lumpur.!”

    Marjorie, again please remember to put on a pair of something on your feet OK? GOD bless each and everyone of you!

  5. Veronica says:

    Well Done to all volunteers on the rescue mission. Yes,to remove the unnecessary sufferings from these unfortunate ‘kids’ and to give them a second chance to live. I have been following the updates of the kids at the farm and it is really, really not an easy task at all.
    Grace and Hope are discharged from the vet clinic but still with medication.
    Its sad to know that Mercy is detected with distemper. Betsy and our poster puppy, Cleo are detected with deadly virus which is another strain of virus similar to Parvo virus. Mickey is detected with pneumonia.
    All these unfortunate kids are admitted in the vet clinic as soon as sign and symptoms of diarrhea, lack of appetite, nasal discharge,ocular discharge or vomiting and coughing are detected.
    We believe that all these kids have very strong will to live. They are all in the Intensive Care Unit now.
    Mickey and Betsy are improving but Mercy is still not looking good with respiratory difficulties.
    May God Bless all of them. They are still under drips.
    The other 15 dogs are doing very well at the farm but Serene and Ginger are not looking good today at the farm.
    The follow up after rescue mission is the most tedious in all rescue missions.
    Hence, it is very important for everyone to know and understand what are the works involved in Rescue Mission, that is during and after the rescue of animals. Furry Friends Farm is very blessed to have a big team of supporters from local as well as abroad.
    A Platform for Everyone to Voice for the Strays.

  6. scott warner says:

    pummkin – congrats on the new find from that evil place. I’m so glad that you all were able to get desiree when you did because she looks so close to the end of her days…she really is getting a new lease on life. I know for sure that God and His angels are smiling down on you and those with you this great day!
    See you soon!!

  7. Tara says:

    Desiree has no idea that he is heading to a much better life ahead. 🙂 Give him a week.. he will be have a new soul in FFF.

    Poor furry kids. I was wondering if they will pass on their illness to each other? Since they are given a second chance to live, i hope there will not be a foul play of fate on them.

    **Does anyone know of any updates of the other rescue missions from the government authorities? We have heard of many meetings, tv crews & reports, maybe it will be good to share some results which i hope there is. Heartfelt for those still hanging on the edge for life in hell island.

    Marjorie, my mom said: woah this lady is so bergaya lol.

  8. Dr. Gorman says:

    So sad about Mercy, Mickey and Cleo, as well as maybe dear little Serene fighting for life through sickness and starvation. Their poor immune systems were so overworked with the stress of trying to stay alive, they have become susceptible to everything. Please keep praying, everyone. God bless those of you working to help save them and those sending funds for vet care.

  9. Janice says:

    My heart is so painful when I hear Desiree is criying in the cage. She must be extremely traumatised, as a result of irresponsible mankind that leads to suffering of animals in this world !!!!!

    Thank you all for the great job, without you these dogs will not have a 2nd chance to live.

    May I ask everyone to pray for Mercy, Betsy, Cleo, Mickey, Serene, Ginger and all other furry kids:

    Heavenly Father,
    Please help us in our time of need,
    You have made us stewards of Mercy, Betsy, Cleo, Mickey, Serene, Ginger and all other furry kids.
    If it is Your will, please restore them
    to health and strength.
    I pray too for other animals in need.
    May they be treated with the care and respect
    deserving of all Your creation.
    Blessed are You Lord God,
    and holy is Your name for ever and ever

  10. Mrs Tham says:

    Beautiful prayer Janice …AMEN! Although I am not a christian, I do love every word of it!

    Oh Pam, just as TV said in his update on 11th, that there’s something puzzling about the dog Robbie…??? And that he will tell us later..
    I am just so curious and eager to know, whether you are aware of it and can let us know? As we are not able to leave any comment at TV’s updates, well I would like to tell him that he’s in my prayers too. GOD bless eveyone of you!!!
    And may Kuan Yin love everyone of you and shower her Light Of Compassion to this wonderful mission of saving the dogs, giving to all a 2nd chance to live happily with humans who will love them.. and I mean all incl those kids at the Farm..

  11. thefluffies says:

    Yaaayyy another dog saved!

  12. MAE says:

    Yes, Veronica you are absolutely on spot.

    Rescuing them is only one part of the task. It is important to appreciate that realistically; perhaps the hardest part is the rehab and healing.

    These kids undergone extraordinary abuses and abandonments. That’s why the outcries. Through my personal experience; if you look beneath the surface healing a traumatized animal is not much difference healing a traumatized human.

    Traumatized animals will go through a 2 weeks ‘honeymoon’ period. Of which; within this 2 weeks they are completely confused. (As soldiers left the ‘warzone’ it takes time to get back to real life and socialize.). They still think they are in Hell island in war zone. Distrustful of humans. Anything; can trigger their traumatize state and frighten them. Loud noise, voices, people, crowd, etc.

    After 2 weeks they begin to trust a bit; (familiar faces). Then they they will begin to show their true character; letting their guard down a bit; convincing themselves that they do not have to fight for everthing to survive.

    At Hell island they do not have time to get sick (the survivors) they focus all energy to stay alive. But now; they are beginning to let humans to take care of them. After what they gone through many will fall sick and in detox ‘you have to get worst before you get better’.

    The most important element in healing the traumatize is TLC, Faith, Trust and Confidence. Whoever deals directly with these kids must have all these elements in them (very important). Animals can sense your inner turmoils and they react according your emotions.

    Notice how sick animals let Vets do anything to them. It is because Vets are trained and competent to fully trust their ability to do their job accordingly. It is in their manner and their composure and tone of voice.

    Fostering by experienced individuals could be an option for the deeply traumatized. Appreciate that it takes up to at 6 least months emaciated animals to get back to their normal size.

    Lots of patience and TLC to deal with their up and downs; ‘force-feeding’ might be necessary up to a several months. You have to deal with a lot of unpleasant bodily discharged. It is important to make sure that they take appropriate food to stay alive. Need to keep assuring them that they will be alright is key too.Miracles can happen.

    To all the kind souls volunteers at the farm who is dealing with kids directly. You are the heroes in this rescue mission. Will always have our backing.

    Everyone keep the funds and supports coming and of course the prayers too. We are in for a long journey.

  13. Dear Almighty

    May all my fellow friends recover ASAP. AMEN

  14. Dr. Gorman says:

    Well-said and good advice for the rescue team, MAE. I only wish I were there to help in that regard. I agree animals sense our emotions and the less stress on everyone at this time, the better.

  15. Raja Hanim says:

    Congratulations, another one saved with a chance to live. What a great bait – nasi lemak harum! Brilliant idea.

  16. Adelene Wee says:

    Well done!!

    I think it’s very important for us to convince the general public that there is nothing wrong with adopting a dog from shelters. Many seem to have the wrong ideas about ‘secondhand’ dogs and opt for pedigree pooches from pet shops.

    I completely understand that FFF is really busy right now but it’ll be nice to have a before and after shot of the rescued dogs. Recently my local dog refuge in Perth where I volunteer had an advertising campaign for its long term residents titled “Australia’s Most Wanted” and they made it look like a country-western bounty which was really cute.

    Till then keep up with the good work and God bless!

  17. Hong Yee says:

    Desiree is so skinny!! I cried in my heart when I see this photo! Thank you Pam and team for saving another life. Please be assured we are here giving our full support. But please be reminded to be extra careful in the rescue mission. Your safety should come first before another stray can be rescued.

  18. Daniella says:

    OMG! Desiree is a walking skeleton. I deeply wonder how many dogs left in there are at the same stage as her…Thank God that you girls had rescued her. And I pray that more dogs could be found and rescued sooner.

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