The Sound of Music

In the last one month since the rescue started, I got to know some amazing people, reconnected with people I’ve lost touch with and met a few whom I know, I would be friends with for life. It was also a time that I discovered the magnitude of kindness and generosity in people who held nothing back, not race, not colour, nor age or creed. So many of you burst out of your recesses to rehash your hurts, anger & regret over what you feel you could have done more for the rescued animals in the past. Each and every comment made here, I read and made a mental note to acknowledge. I too, have encountered similar pain, some mistakes which taught me very dear lessons in life but I’m determined to not let that be my setback for making a difference in what I can do today.

I want you to know that every comment uttered here is a testimony of your will to do good and do even better for the dogs that were banished from civilisation. If possible, I would like to meet each one of you in person to say that your patronage here is a great encouragement to me. Thank you so much. I will answer them in due time.

I met Mrs. Kam Sun-Yoke three years ago during the launch of Dr. Dog Programme. We were so honoured to have had the presence of the first Malaysian soprano to be invited to sing in Barcelona Music Festival where Jose Carrera himself once performed, in the event. She is putting together a performance in aid of FFF after she saw the plight in the news. An animal rescuer herself, she will be conducting  the Operafest Children’s Choir on the 1 & 2 August 2009 and the entire proceeds thereof will go to Furry Friends Farm. The hall in Jaya One in Petaling Jaya has a 300 pax seating capacity & tickets are priced from RM30 per head. More details to follow. This would be a great opportunity for us to meet all you wonderful souls!!!

As such, I will work on the promotion of this concert but not without your help. If you know of anyone who would like to sponsor others to watch this concert, companies who want to sponsor a night out for the staff or individuals who would like to come and show  support for FFF & appreciation to Mrs. Kam for her performance, please let me know. I can be reached at iam (at) pummkin (dot) net.

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  1. andromedia says:

    Concert… sounds great! 1st and 2nd will be on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll be working on Saturdays and will probably at FFF on Sundays… But I can probably get some people I know to go… doesn’t matter if I have to buy them a few tickets… 😛

    I’ll reach out to people I know on this… 🙂

  2. andromedia says:

    Also, there is another on-going contest that might help out FFF.

    It’s CIMB Foundation MYCAUSE Contest. Participating is simple. 4 simple steps…

    1. Find a worthy cause, and snap a photo of it. Or snap 5 photos of it.

    2. Register for the competition.

    3. Give the cause a title, and write a short description of it.

    4. Upload your photos and you’re done.

    Pam, perhaps you and TV Smith should give it a try too… 🙂

  3. ct says:

    thank you for all your updates. You are such a warm person and I really admire you. Deep down I feel I’ve known you all my life. Will continue to give support to you and FFF. Keep up the good job. God bless you.

  4. Dr. Gorman says:

    Way to go, Pam! You are a first rate marketer, writer and people sense your integrity. Sounds like a wonderful evening for our favorite cause!

  5. MAE says:


    It has been an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to know someone like you. You restore our faiths in humanity. God willing we will meet one day.

    Our connection with Sabrina is very special. Used to see her at our late beloved vet. Seen the animals she rescue at the vet. But she is always in a hurry as she come from so far from where we are. We didn’t have the chance to speak.

    Sabrina has a blessing of truly an Angel in the form of truly a beautiful soul; our beloved vet who died last year; (she sacrifices herself to save her children in a landslide; her beloved pet dog dies with her.) Became aware of Sabrina work at our beloved vet funeral. We figure if our beloved vet thinks Sabrina is good person and so do we; we trust her judgment completely.

    When we heard is doing the rescue work to get banished dogs out; Our first thoughts were; Sabrina needs the ‘muscles’. So, we will provide the ‘muscles’ i.e. funds or any other ways. (That will never stop).

    We anticipated that there will those who fight her efforts all the way. True enough; what we fear came true; through the incidents that took place this past month.

    We can’t be where you are in person as we have commitments; most of us do pet rescue, spay/nueter,re-home, care for i.e. 30 animals per person; our hands are full. We all meet at the vet. We too have to earn the dough so we can continue to contribute to FFF. We know Sabrina will be alright as she in good hands. Besides; a beautiful Angel brought our paths together; Sabrina FFF’s will always be blessed.

    Re the concert EXCELLENT IDEA!. Please post the flyer/poster on your blog, Pam. We do the necessary; same as we do when Kuning went missing. Perfect gifts to family and friends ‘ a great evening out’. Can’t wait.

  6. Tara says:

    Dear Pam!
    There is no ticket info on the Operafest website for the Aug 1 & 2 performances. Will be giving info to mom who is less tech savvy, 🙂 could she get the tickets online? or email to you first for reservation?

  7. Kuning & Hitam says:

    Woof! Woof!

    Hello my dear 2 legged friends,

    Thank you for all your great work. We will do our best to lure more of our buddies out of the island.

    We are also avaiable to howl and bark if Mrs Kam could include us!

    Big doggie HUGS for all of you …

    p/s. Shhhh, please don’t tell Adi we sneaked out to leave a reply here 🙂

  8. andromedia says:

    HAHAHAHAHA! I love reply no. 8! 😛

  9. Janice says:

    Haha……does that means that i finally get to “hug” Kuning and Hitam???

    Err, but i don’t like how Hitam “hug” Kuning in the video (“The Noah in You”) 🙂

    Great job to Kuning and Hitam……

  10. pummkin says:

    Andromedia, CT, Dr. Kim, Mae, Tara, Janice & even Kuning & Hitam!!! I’m not worthy of your praises & truly, the honour is mine to have you giving us the encouragement & support. I would really like to meet all of you some time!!!

    Mae, I’m sorry about the demise of the wonderful vet as I did read about her passing last year. It’s amazing how God brings people together and Sabrina being there to have her dogs treated is now a testimony that you can tell the world. I remember many cases that she had been on top of when she put animal welfare above her job. I’m glad that her work is finally recognised and what’s more, by’s Jill Robinson too! Your 30 animals per person is a real task!! Independent rescuers like you are truly worthy of commend and praise!!! You are doing a far greater job than any ORG which collects donations to honour the dead dogs that they put down.

    Tara, I’m building the new website together with Jon for FFF so that we would have a calendar of events & all things official on that site. From there, my blog will be something of my personal opinion and not that of FFF’s official voice. Right now, everyone is coming here to read my take & I am not letting up on anything that might implicate all of us involved. Please go to and register as a member for official updates. We’ve been working on it and it’s still under construction.

    To tell you of some of the challenges that we faced, we realised that even our web domain was hijacked. used to be ours but it fell into somebody’s hands soon as it expired. So we registered a .org. Now why would anyone want our web address if not for a direct attempt of sabotage?

    Janice, when a male dog tries to hump another male, it’s a sign of wanting to dominate. When the male dog(Kuning) that is being dominated lets the other male dog (Hitam) mount him, it’s a sign of submission too. So it’s actually quite funny to watch them. Hitam loves Kuning but keeps Kuning in check for Kuning behaves like a puppy still. I’m redoing the video to include the music, please wait for that. Afraid that these two will not be present for the concert as many places do not allow dogs. 🙁

  11. andromedia says:

    Pam, you can make a short video which includes only Kuning and Hitam’s pictures and put them on slide during the concert… that way, it will be like they are both present and people will be able to see who they are, if not feel… 🙂

  12. Jennifer says:

    I will be spreading this for the good cause thru my blog and to all the good people I know.

    And thanks God for keeping the good things coming!

    p/s: It may be possible to bring Kuning and Hitam on stage but first thing is you may need to talk and arrange with the organiser.

  13. MAE says:


    You and Sabrina is a beacon of hope for many of us who deeply questioned the existence of God when there are so much cruelties are taking place. Looks like our questions were answered. It is not a dead end for humanity. There’s a bit of ‘Sabrina’ in all of us.

    Those who deals with rescuing wounded and broken strays are compelled to despair at times; when we cannot save the ones we tried so hard to save. But then again those who had seen the miracle happens when the wounded and broken healed, happy and healthy…is like feeling the presence of God in all Its’ glory. I suspect you feel the same when you sit next to the once you rescued from the swamp in the boat on the journey to land.

    Thank you for your praise. There are so many faceless, nameless independent rescuers out there. Not for money or gain or fame. Truth is; we are tired of being passive by-standers to the plights innocent defenseless strays. The pain that pricked our hearts and consciences when we see pets being abandoned at highways, carpark, foodcourts, back alleys, drains, dustbins,jungle, abandoned houses, …we can’t ignore it. We have to be pro-active. There is no system available to protect defenseless strays.

    Pam, you are bestowed with a wonderful gift; when all this is over, as this phase too shall come to pass… You should write, anything a book a novel or commission a film. (Though making into a film what took place this past month will likely be a deranged espionage movie). We are your biggest fan and supporters; we come to love and admire you.

    “The ball is in your court” our dearest Pam.

    No matter what names they call you; devil, satan. We know once in a while God sent angels to walk amongst us; to me to are an angel. Been touched by an angel before and it changed my life completely. Became a stray rescuers because of my wonderful vet; she made it all possible. You are an angel the way to stand up for Sabrina when most people would choose to walk away rather than get involve as the stakes are high.

    Signing off with an Irish blessing when ‘real suffering is where the contradictions within us harmonize, where they give us to new streams of life or beauty. As the Zen monk said: ‘When one flowers blooms, it is spring everywhere.’

    “May you be blessed in the holy names of those who carry our pain up the mountain of transfiguration.

    May you know tender shelter and healing blessing when you are called to stand in place of pain.

    May the places of darkness within you be surprised by light.

    May you be granted the wisdom to avoid false resistance and when suffering knocks on the door of your life, may you be able to glimpse its hidden gift.

    May you be able to see the fruits of your suffering.

    May memory bless and shelter you with the hard-earned light of past travail, may this give you confidence and trust.

    May a window of light always surprise you.
    May the grace of transfiguration heal your wounds.
    May you know that even the storm might rage not a hair of your head will be harmed.”

    Pam, we will keep you close in our hearts and prayers always.

  14. Dr. Gorman says:

    MAE, what a spectacular prayer!! I agree that suffering must have a ‘hidden gift’ within. I believe our hard times mold us into the creature God needs us to be, for our work here on earth and eventually in heaven.

    The new website is great, Pam! Next time I view it I will sign up for updates.

    I’m sitting here with my own rescued cat in my lap and thanking God that “when one flower blooms, it is spring everywhere.”


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