Aiyah! One Got Away…

Just when the workers had bagged another one in the cage, the fright sent this dog on a biting frenzy as it damaged the frame and dived into the water to swim back to the swampy reserve. I’d sure like to be in the water to outswim this dog but it happened just before we got there. Sigh…

Look at the cage…..

Kuning had gone in to herd them out again as his distinctive barks were heard from a distance with the other dogs. When we proceeded to fill the food stations, we could see Hitam swimming back to the kelong with Kuning behind him shortly after. Will upload a funny video afterwards.

Looks like we gotta work harder. There are still a lot more dogs in there….

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  1. Gus says:

    Considering what happened to the poor dear the last time he was caged, I’m not surprised that the fella reacted so badly to being caged again.

    It’s tough and slow going but you will get them all off the island in the end and safely into loving hands.

  2. Good to know there are dogs alive still. That means they still have the chance of being rescued.

    Maybe this ran away dog are too afraid of human now; one bitten twice shy

  3. Joanne says:

    Great to hear that Kuning is back and there are dogs being saved.

    Good job!!!!!

  4. Siti Jowahir says:

    Please keep us informed of the updates. I’ve been following this rescue mission everyday. Can’t imaging their sufferings. The phote TV Smith took of the tiny dog really haunts me. You had done a wonderful work. God bless all of you.

  5. Janice says:

    Aahhh, can’t wait to see these four legged rescue team “Kuning & Hitam” in action !!!!

    They are really God blessed heros, true saviours, what a darling……can someone please give them a BIG HUG for me 🙂

  6. Jacelyn says:

    Poor dog, must have been treated badly before till lost the trust in human.

    How I wish I could give Kuning a hug too…what a lovely dog, shame on those irresponsible “people”, they cant even compare with one dog -Kuning….

  7. thefluffies says:

    Wah, the dog so strong? It can bent the cage until like that!

    yeah yeah, upload more videos of the 4-legged heroes!

  8. Stephanie says:

    Wow… they really don’t make cages like they used to. Looks like the dog really was distressed enough to have bitten through to go back to Hell Island. Hopefully he/she will be rescued eventually and know that we’re not out to harm them.

    Good luck in the rescue mission!

  9. ashley wong says:

    Hi pam

    I have a small suggestion: since most of the cages sold nowadays are not up to the mark on quality, perhaps it would help to reinforce the joints and corners of the cages with strings or pliable wires?

    yes, it’s going to involved more work but it may help to prevent another dog from biting their way through (as they may hurt themselves in the process).

    i do the same with my cats at home – they’re really numero uno when it come to breaking out of cages, i have to reinforced with strings at strategic joints and places. (they don’t bite through but they still did their best to escape and squeeze through any possible space or hole and they do most of the time so the strings became useful aid).

    just a thought to share, hope this helps.

  10. andromedia says:

    Sabrina will be sourcing for some stronger cages while I will try to reinforce the strength of the current cages with some materials deemed suitable as suggested by Ashley…

    Those cages are suitable for small breed dogs but when it comes to bigger breeds, they are simply not enough. Cantik broke out it’s cage before, and yesterday, another was near success in getting out… fortunately, Sabrina saw the damaged cage and fixed it in time.

  11. pummkin says:

    Thank you all!!! Danny has since reinforced the cages and will continue with the feeding runs with his boat.

    Do register with for more official updates!

  12. andromedia says:

    Ooo… an official .org domain website… 🙂

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