One More In The Vet!

When Danny wanted to tie up the shade of his boat, he let me take over the pilot’s wheel. We were cruising at 40km/h when we hit the straits heading out to Selat Kering. Sustaining the dogs with food & water is crucial to buy time till we can get them out. Of course, the unmistakable grin that greeted us was more than what we had hoped for.


The kelong workers were all smiles. They had caught another stray!


This black dog came out the previous day to eat. She stayed on the pontoon for a long time. Very thin, her bones were jutting out. Her left eye was punctured & swollen. It was almost like she knew help was near. She didn’t resist nor did she mind us touching her. She gobbled up more food when she was at the kelong. She drank all the water in the tub we left. I shall name her Bulgess, after her bulging eye.

We had to top up the food on the 4 pontoons before we head back. Danny put a shade up at the nearest pontoon using a tarpaulin sheet.

We completed our work for the day & rushed Bulgess to the vet.


Seeing that she is a female, black in colour & hasn’t got the looks, it would have been so easy for people to dismiss loving this dog.


Now that she is being treated, she would have a chance to see her friends soon & maybe one day, have the opportunity to be a friend to the humankind who performed the dastardly act that she has to live remembering.

Footnote:- I will reply to all your comments when I have better internet access!!! Digi, if you read this, please enable your 3G access soon!

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  1. andromedia says:

    Well done! Bulgess… for a moment, I thought I read Bugless… 😛

    Can’t wait to see her soon at FFF…

    Hmm… Pam, you should know better that DiGi has been struggling to apply for a 3G license for years now. Once, their CEO actually announced to the media that DiGi has too much money to invest on their business but they were not granted a 3G license despite being a established tele-communication company. Instead, the goverment granted some brand new company 3G license… UMobile. Still, DiGi try their best to provide their customer with everything they can, and that’s why I am also a DiGi user… 🙂

  2. pummkin says:

    Their 3G access is in testing stage and I’ve already signed on to be a beta tester. Hope they would approve it!


  3. Remee says:

    Happy to see one being rescue….
    I’m still hoping “Salvation” is still alive….

  4. ShaolinTiger says:

    Actually Digi has a 3G licence already, they already have a consumer broadband package based on 14.4MB HSPA technology.

    They just haven’t rolled out the voice/data combined package yet for 3G – still only EDGE.

  5. Joe Ho says:

    Great job! That is a great news to have another dog rescued.

  6. Lingy says:

    Bravo bravo!!! u guys are really angels

  7. hurricaneMax says:

    good show! It shows to the world that with Kuning there, other ‘abans’ will come out. And refuted the claim by spca that, the independant rescue team is not ‘rescuing’ any more ‘abans’ as they, spaca, have moved their own traps/cages to other places…



  8. hurricaneMax says:

    Thanks should go to Danny too, for all that he has done/still doing: boat, fuel, time, resources, advice etcetcetc…*tabik spring*


  9. Chetz Yusof says:

    Yahoooo!!!! Good job!!!! May Bulgess finds a great home…

    Chetz Yusof

  10. lee says:

    Hi, Just a suggestion.

    For some reason those grated cages are not banned in Malaysia but in the west if you leave the grates unlined they are considered cruel on the animal because of the pressure.

    Please put a carpet or some rags so the doggies have at least a comfortable boat ride, I can imagine it must be quite painful for them.

    Thank you for the good work and God bless.

  11. Diana Chin says:

    This is the best news of the day for me and my family. Keep it up Guys and Gals. All our angels !

  12. Dr. Gorman says:

    Great photos, Pam. Poor Bulges has some sort of infection in her left eye, hopefully treatable. If not, she will see well with only one eye. She’s smiling already. Please give us updates on the ones at the vet when you can.

    Kim (eye doctor of humans 🙂

  13. Radhi says:

    I’m so thankful that there is some decent people left in this world. Every living thing deserves there rights and help. Every mail I get that says another dog is saved just brightens up my day ;)!!!

  14. Radhi says:

    sorry, bout the typo… hehe… it’s their not there.

  15. Mrs Tham says:

    As to Lee’s comment, well Pam maybe old newspaper would be fine too…as easier to dispose off and also can get FOC lah..;-)

  16. ashley wong says:

    read from tv smith’s blog that bulgess renamed to Olive. how about olive bulgessa? sounds good right? 🙂

  17. thefluffies says:

    Yaaaayyy another life saved!

    Btw, how many dogs still left out there?

  18. spikedoll says:

    thumbs up to you guys who are saving these helpless little lives! May all be blessed _/\_

  19. Veronica says:

    Well Done ! Its nice to see that the Furry Friends Farm’s Director of the Rescue Mission, Pummkin is back in action with the team members to focus their energy and time on the rescue mission.
    I believe that there are still some more unfortunate furry kids wandering in the island.

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