Simple Minds Beget Simpletons

Isn’t it strange that people can get so caught up in their support for an organisation that they believe in and forget to ask questions that would yield hidden answers? Isn’t it strange that they can issue me threats & call me names over an issue which they haven’t determined the credibility of those concerned??? Isn’t it strange for a society with committee members act as if it’s a sole proprietor yet a sole proprietor acts with the blessing of rest of the society???

What I say here does not constitute the feelings of everyone involved in the rescue but myself. It’s my space and I’m sure I’m making some sense, otherwise, I wouldn’t be receiving over a thousand hits per day.

Fact – There were only two rescue teams for Pulau Selat Kering. One being FFF & the other, the big ORG. Whichever NGOs that appear to be assisting would assist either one of these parties.

Fact – I was an independent pet rescuer (IPR) before the rescue mission but I chose to support FFF in their endeavours. Anybody can call themselves IPRs. If you have rescued/saved/helped/assisted/treated a domestic pet in danger in the past, you are an IPR. If I’m doing something on behalf of some organisation which doesn’t make them look good, I would revert to calling myself an IPR.

Fact – Kuning is friendly to everybody. He is healthy, well-fed & doesn’t look a tad bit starved. How he can be ‘rescued’ is beyond me.

Fact – I don’t know if Shahrul is pregnant or not. I’m sorry if she bled. I’m sorry the reporters couldn’t get hold of her in the hospital to see how she is faring because she had checked out already.

Fact – Caring & expecting parents-to-be would not allow the expecting wife/mother to prance & hop around in a mangrove swamp, jump into the water, climb in & out of boats/kelongs knowing full well that a rescue mission has risks. Especially for someone who had a miscarriage a few months before.

Fact – Pregnant/expecting mothers should live in hygienic conditions. That includes living in a place NOT filled with animals caged up, filled with pee & poo or animals that might carry diseases or viruses, especially in rescued dogs. You choose which one is more important, the animals or your baby.

Fact – Employees would resort to please employers if they think losing their jobs is worse than losing their integrity. PR Managers included.

Fact – If I know for SURE that I have not engaged in any wrongdoings, I shouldn’t be afraid to stand up for it. In this case, silence is NOT golden.

Fact – Death threats received on my blog had been submitted to the police for investigation including everything that threatens my operation, my team (including Kuning & Hitam), my reputation & my well-being. 

Fact – When posters of Kuning were posted, I had received leads from many people. Those  who had him couldn’t hide him any longer.

I’ve presented the facts so whatever you think is a fallacy, you are free to do so. There are evidence that I would not hesitate to use if a legal action arises. If I have to call for public support, I will. Many are in possession of the evidence & should they be released, the organisation would be shut down. We are thinking for the animals that you have, not for the acts that you have committed so don’t push us.

It’s a mistake to try to silence people with death threats. God said, “Those who bless you, I will bless, those who curse you, I will curse.”

I’m not rich & I have to work to put food on the table, to set aside something for when I grow old. I have nothing to lose nor do I have anything to gain by cooking up a chicken & cow story. If someone in the big ORG wants to come after me for making them uncomfortable, then let it be on their conscience how such a reputable society had to be reduced to this. Don’t tell me what I am qualified to comment & what I am not. I was helping the big ORG from Dr. George’s days. I donated money, time & effort to make the area a better living place for the animals. I adopted dogs from that place. I was a member but now I’m not. I don’t know who took me off the membership list. I’m not bothered to ask. A society that picks its members is not a society that I want to be associated with. I am a donor & I have the right to voice my opinion.

When I sat for the Corporate Governance of NGOs course years ago, I was made to understand that a registered society can only act with the entire committee’s consensus. Every office bearer has the duty to operate within the outlines stated in the constitution. They are also accountable for everything that goes wrong & any misappropriation is the responsibility of all.

Some of my friends asked me is this all worth it for some dogs that I’m trying to save, so I replied to them, “It’s not just about the dogs, it’s about the lives of the people involved. There are injustices that needed to be addressed just as the dogs of Pulau Ketam were ill-treated, Sabrina was too. I think the people who were too indifferent to speak up then, will not be much different now. As an organisation, things were allowed to happen. Those fence-sitters are like the possums in New Zealand.

Sabrina dedicated her youth & her life to care for those which can’t care for themselves.. Look at how many people she has impacted by setting an example? What’s wrong if I speak up & speak out at her detractors??? The poison pen letters that have circulating are all about how she is a ‘private company,’ how one shouldn’t be duped & suckered into donating & how she was sacked from the big ORG. They were sent to who’s who in society. I’m nobody but I know many who’s who, who forwarded these despicable things that has been said to me. Shame on you. If anyone of those you had sent to, spoke up against you, you would land yourself in hot soup. Perpetuating lies when you know those who were present as she handed in her resignation then. Shouting is very stressful, my dear and you have done a lot of that. I’m glad Sabrina left because she showed the world what one person can do despite the odds.

I have to be accountable for everything in front of the Almighty on Judgment Day. I don’t want to have to answer to, “Pam, what did you NOT do when you know all these things happened to My people? Where did you decide to be when I placed you in the thick of things?” if I have done nothing about it.

To all you supporters of the big ORG, my word to you is, think carefully of your actions in risking yourself for something you know nothing about. Stop issuing me death threats just because I’m speaking up on my blog about what certain people have been doing behind the scenes. Make good with what you can do while you are in a position to.

To the big ORG, we have never put a spanner in your works so stop putting your spanner in ours.

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20 Responses
  1. andromedia says:

    Well said! I mean really, really perfect. The timing, the reasoning, the facts… it couldn’t have come at any better time. You have been way too patient and quiet for far too long… it’s about time you let the world know your side of the story… which happened to be the truth.

    All these while, members of the public only read about the ORG’s one-sided story from their hardcare supporters and constantly updated bulletin board.

    At least now, those people will have the option to choose which side to believe when they read your side of the story… 🙂

  2. andromedia says:

    By the way, the next time I sees you at FFF, lunch and tea is on me… 🙂

  3. Jon says:

    W00000t!!! You go girl!

  4. lilweiser says:

    Hi there,

    Was posting this in the dog tag article previously but it was gone before i could submit it. So, i have to ask here. Sorry if this is in the wrong place.

    I wanted to help out in terms of donation to the tags or the dogs at FFF etc and was wondering, how could i do so? Would you mind dropping me a mail on the ways to make the donation to FFF without causing much problem and accusation from the “Private NGOs” to Sabrina.

    Anyway, well done on the job so far. Keeping myself constantly updated ever since the start 🙂

  5. hurricaneMax says:

    …while i knew for a while now…I am glad you made it more or less public. Well done!


  6. Dear Big Bloody ORG,

    Go Lick ‘one’ your own size! Those days when you still had your “R” title before your name, I was a supporter. Nowadays, you have practically lost your ‘balls’ when confronting the authorities protecting animals’ right. Unlike the RSPCA, ASPCA and the world’s SPCA (go watch Animal Planet on Astro), just see what they CAN do.
    We the public, are just clueless why your ORG still exists and you are also begining to look redundant. When people see snakes in the city,they would call BOMBA! You have existed so far for being a ‘yes, yes,’ ORG… much so that the animals can be pushed around. Now we have Monkeys in the City.
    Just why do the Forestry people come into the picture? In the City? You are ANIMAL Protection right? Quick go save those monkeys.
    Neuter and spay the Monkeys? Elephants?
    Instead, why not neuter and spay all your committee so that we have better people running the show who are more caring for animals like Sabrina. I bet FFF have more dogs than in your setup. I can feel that all these animals are happy there than your “short-one-week-stay” at your ORG before being put to sleep!
    Like I have said before, I will not ever make anymore donations to your ORG and I am also pretty damn sure that ALL my relatives and friends do the same. SHAME on you ORG.
    Are you not shy by receiving so much donations from da BIG corporations who too, are clueless about all your activities? Dear Donors, please go check what this ORG do or are going to do. I also heard that they are completing their new 1.6 Million ringgit Bangunan. I sincerely hope that after that, they still do not respond to “….Van Rosak…”, or “…Orang sakit..” while lining up to buy 4D numbers!!!!
    You are History.
    400 domesticated dogs died because of you!
    I hold you responsible. Ptuuuuui!

    Donald G.H Tan
    Birds Talking Too

  7. Jolee Fox says:

    Pam’s blog, Pam’s writtings, Pam’s wish. She’s entitled to her opinions, has to right to speak her mind and to voice what she believes is right. Whe is not tied and not governed by who she chooses to speak up for.

    Some people out there, have only limited words to put up. This is because if they speak what they feel, they’ll get a Letter of Termination. That is why they have to keep their writings short, simple and covered with ambiguity.

    And to the “simple minds” out there. Pam has her right to opinion, and so do you. However, it’s unethical andimmoral of you tosendpoison pen letters and contaminate her blog with hate mail. Go start your own blog. Put your own hate in your own blog. If people support you, they will read your blog, and comment in agreement with your postings.

    Pam, FFF, Sabrina and the rescuers are doing nothing wrong. Nothing. From ethics point of view, to moral, to religious point of view. Leave them alone.

    As for the 3 month pregnant lady who has had miscarriges before… I say this “WTH was she thinking, going out to sea on a simple dingy!!? And jumping in and out of the boat at the island?!!?” You do the math. If she’s 3months pregnant, the mission started on May 1st, about 1 month… … … Lu fikir la

  8. ashley wong says:

    “Action speaks louder than words ”
    “Leadership by Example”

    for this Sabrina and her team of volunteers, well-wishers and supporters have my utmost respect for their true selfless and altruistic dedication to helping abandonned and abused domestic companion animals.

    you are truly the living epitome of compassion and loving kindness for these poor helpless sentient beings.

    rest assured that you do have the support and respect of the majority of people who has been following this sage since it imploded on our collective conscience. we may be silent in not contributing to the mud slinging but we are not blind and our conscience is certainly not dead.

    three cheers for sabrina and her spunky team (which is growing by the second!)


  9. Linda Frater says:

    Dear Pummkin,

    I commend you for your courage in speaking up despite death threats. I commend you and the others with you who are doing this good work rescuing the poor dogs. I hope that a lot of people will read your blog and know what is really going on. Death threats, smear campaigns, dognapping are not something I associate with humane societies for animals. Not from this part of the world I live in anyway. I admit I am utterly gobsmacked!

    I pray that our Lord Jesus continue to bless and protect you and your friends as you continue in this rescue mission. I am so happy that Kuning is back with the people who really love him. And no, I did not believe in that cock and bull story of his being “rescued” and I do not think many people do either. What a lame excuse and only people with small brains will make it.

    It defies comprehension why the SPCA need to compete with Sabrina. I would have thought that since the SPCA is also in the “business” of animal rescue, they would be glad that Sabrina has started the ball rolling and would quickly get on board and help her. Aren’t their aspirations and motives one and the same?

    Of course we know now that it is not so. Their ideals are poles apart. While Sabrina genuinely cares for the poor dogs welfare, the SPCA is into their own welfare. Kudos and personal glory are more their line. Sabrina and the SPCA sadly are on different pages of the book! We all know too that Sabrina and friends were at the scene first. The SPCA could not forgive her for that; Sabrina had stolen their thunder and rained on their parade, thus the mud slinging, etc. What a crying shame SPCA. To reduce yourself to such a level. Stop harassing the real people who are doing the real work, won’t you.

  10. Mrs Tham says:

    Bravo and well said Friends!!! I support all those infavor of Pam, FFF & Sabrina. JUST TAKE CARE & BECAREFUL…not only of the snakes and monitor lizards but also of “2-HEADED, TALKING & WALKING ANACONDAs”, I think their venoms are more poisonous than those in the water. And I am sure GOD/ all GODs will truely judge them very soon!
    And a big Hello to Donald who had it all out…just what I wanted to say, and you did it much better! 😉

  11. scott warner says:

    Hi Pam! Keep up the good work and keep your spirits high. Rico and I are planning to go to FFF this weekend. Please do let me know if you guys need any special supplies…I sent sabrina an sms and haven’t heard back from her as at yet (can let me know via sms to 017-363-0166)to those that detract from the good works that you, donald, sabrina, TV, etc are doing I say, “Why do you see the speck in your brother’s eye but fail to notice the beam in your own eye?” In short, worry about what you’re doing and if it is enough to pass the final test at the judgement bar…

  12. MAE says:

    Pam; You go Girl!

    For the record we (around 50++ people in our gang)all are aware that Sabrina’s FFF is a sole proprietorship.

    The records are public domain. Just go to the Registrar of Business and do a search for a fee; you’ll get the info. We FFF supporters are not dumb. Please do not insult our inteligence!

    The difference between sole proprietorship and a corporation is the limitation of the liabilities of the owners. But the difference between a non-profit organization and a corporation is that every fund collected must be accountable for what is stated in the constitution or its purpose especially when its comes to the public. Every expense must be justify for its function and purpose.

    Sabrina, is not running a scam. Oh, like the money scams in the news? We are fully aware when handed her the monies that she is using the monies to facilitate the rescue mission of the banished dogs. Purchase, pay, hire or pay other incidentals to whoever or whatever she needs to accomplish on the mission.By the way, it is rightly so, the kelong workers be paid as they forfeited their daily work and income to help with rescue. Their heart is in the right place. They are comfortable with FFF so be it. We have no problem with that as we also part funded the mission.

    But still when specifically mentioned the fund is for FFF’s (not the other ORG) rescue work for banished dogs; answered were”we all know about the ORG”. Brilliant public relations but nothing else. What are they now?; are they a corporation not a non-profit organization anymore?. Very hand-offs’ attitude when abuse and cruelties had taken place. What is the point of their existence.

    I like some people allocated part of will to the ORG. Thank God; events that had been unfolding make me change my will to be exact in Feb this year. Never again, will I be so stupid and misled.

    Why the ruckus and fuss about Sabrina? For the few minutes fame mentioned in BBC or others or whatever channel that you are appeared or going to appear?

    The death threats? You have lost it… That is what most in our gang see you. Please do a censure of public opinion; you wouldn’t want to know..

    Anyone? MERCY has published its audited annual account on their website for public viewing. Have anybody seen the ORG’s audited account? Don’t we the public especially those who have donated money to them got the right to view them since it is a non-profit organization. I could be wrong here.

  13. thefluffies says:

    Pam, we always support u!

  14. Dazeybells says:

    Thank goodness there are good people out in the world taking care of animals that no one else seems to have the time for. I am so glad that someone had the courage and action to do what you all are doing for the good of an animal that can only say “thanks” with a lick and a rub (if ya are lucky). I live far away but am awed by folks like you.

  15. ct says:

    I will always support you and your rescue team for I know you are sincere. Such a wonderful job you had done. You had my full respect. Continue doing what you think is right. God bless you. Please keep us informed with updates.

  16. andromedia says:

    Well, to be honest, I can see that Pam wasn’t too affected by the death threat. She has no reason to. She is doing all the right things… saving lives and all and nothing she has done were illegal.

    She looked cheerful and happy at FFF last week with so many dogs greeting her there. Smith and members of the rescue secretariat were there too and they witnessed the first dog at FFF to be tagged… and that honoured dog was Honey… 🙂

    What people at FFF are doing are for a good cause and volunteers along with members of the public sees that too. Those who has been to FFF before will know that FFF is genuinely and sincerely helping out strays and abandoned dogs and cats.

    For those self-proclaimed animal lovers who support that big ORG blindly, try paying us a visit with an open mind. See what we do there and then decide again for yourself if FFF is a scam and some claimed…

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