Rufus Went To The Palace With Me!

With my tight schedule, I had to pick Rufus up from the boarders over the weekend I was in Tenggol & my next appointment was at Istana Negara to meet with the Personal Assistant of the Confidential Secretary to the King. Filled with excitement, I drove passed the guards with Rufus on my passenger seat. They just stared in amazement. I left the engine on & the windows partial wound down & proceeded to register myself to conduct my business with the palace’s officials.

I was to get my copy of the Encyclopedia back from the Confidential Secretary to the King………with the King’s autograph in it.

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  1. stevv says:

    Pam, just to let you know we now keep “baby” for almost the second fall season(summer is hardly over yet), he is a german shepherd and rottweiler crossed dog; my daughter’s friends found him in a school bag in a back alley way last spring. We keep him since the friend could no longer keep him in the apartment suite. We have grown so much attached to him now he is a grown up dog. I understand how much you love your Rufus. In summer we always been reminded to not leave dog/pet/children in closed/locked cars, just always be careful.

  2. pummkin says:

    That’s so cool! Dogs are woMan’s best friend too! Rufus has got a love for aircons & I never leave him alone in the car otherwise. The window gap is for me to reach in to unlock the car. Does ‘baby’ run
    about everywhere?

  3. stevv says:

    He is such an energetic young male dog and non-neutered, he lives in the house freely allowed out to our rather spacious fenced backyard, it’s this much space he could move around. I make sure have an hour walk with him in the neigbourhood at least twice a week. When he is able to escape he would run like wild animal to any of the neighbourhood houses. Sometimes we take him to the unleashed dog park and he is the only dog that runs in the field like a wild horse, obviously stronger than other dogs, reason could be he eats mostly foods we eat.

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