My Selangor Story 2011 – A Story Worth Telling

My travels have never been short of dramatic & in my profession, I’ve seen things & encountered things that sometimes baffle even the scientists I work with. When you work in an environment that requires 110% of your alertness, you will begin to notice the life around you. And holding two complementary professions means that I get to be at many places & write about them at the same time.

If I’m not teaching my students to dive, I am out there filming my next blockbuster……..and that’s to film the amazing coral reefs & everything that moves therein. If I’m not filming my blockbuster, I’d be stalking birds & bugs in the jungle. If I’m not in the jungle, I’d be pestering the fishermen to find me the elusive Sea Apple (sea cucumber) or documenting culture wherever my assignments take me. I’m guided by my sense of adventure, moved by my emotions for the living, inspired by the love of God & activated by the cameras & gadgets that I hold in my bag.

If I can as much as show you, the stuff that magazines ask me to write about, or scientists pay me to discover, I would show you the splendour of Selangor through my lenses & the excitement through my expressions in my blog. Will you vote me into the 30 to be a part of My Selangor Story 2011???

To vote, please go to this link & give as many hearts as your heart desires! Thank you!

Footnote:- If the music in my blog is drowning out the video, the embedded player is on the top right column of the sidebars. Just press stop…..or play again if you like!

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5 Responses
  1. Hi pumpkin! Thanks for the heads up on the missing URL! You have my vote too!

  2. ericka says:

    Helloooo Pamelaa.. congratzz you make up #MSS2011.. and your blog is sooo awesome 😉 love to sit here 😀

    • pummkin says:

      Thank you, Ericka! And for the compliments too! Thank you for taking the time to share a bit of my world & if you have a blog, please put the link here so that I can drop by too!

  3. KatzTales says:

    Hi Pam, Following your link to see if they’ll let me vote…Ellen

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