Cotton Candy

I love the sound of rushing water in the night. The stream that runs parallel to the edge of the jungle around my place gets filled quickly when the rains come. It was a much needed shower yesterday after a hot spell, something that occurs this time of the year. The good thing about hot days is that the skies are bluer & the clouds are puffier which then dissipate into streaks of fluff & cotton candy. Hmmmm……cotton candy. A reminder of my childhood where I found delight in having fluffy-fied sugar on my tongue……God spun the wool of sugar into a great ball of fluff for people like me to peel away. Wouldn’t it be great to have one right now with a glass of milk tea!!!

Someone I met told me that if you don’t capitalise on an opportunity to express yourself before someone else does, you will miss that moment. Another told me that if you pamper someone you love too much, they would take it for granted that it’s your job to do so & you will be taken for granted. As Valentine’s Day passed without a hitch, I was taken out for dinner & enjoyed the company very much. I am just wondering where all that novelty went. I think everyday is a day to express your love to people who mean a lot to you. Not just on Valentine’s Day or with flowers nor with gifts though every girl loves them. Diamonds & pearls are nice but what’s nicer is you get down & dirty on your knees in a coal mine & mine me some coal, telling me that you will hold me with it until it becomes a diamond. I would take this coal any day but if anyone wants to give me a diamond, I’ll take it & say thank you la! 🙂 How can chivalry ever be dead???

Even if you venture in to a cave & all you got me is a piece of crystal, I’d still cherish it, for the heights that you have scaled, the guano that you had endured, the stumbling you had to take to pry a piece of geological evidence that you have been THERE to do THAT for me, I would be touched beyond believe. Maybe you would consider taking me a across the river, teaching me to brave leeches (& endure screeches…) & such so that I can get to see a piece of tin/copper/iron/silver/gold on the upper stream or sit with me to watch the sunrise & set as I fumble with my camera to get my settings right while you get frustrated with me for not getting ready before that moment…..or is it the other way around??? Will you be the one who will be there when I fall? And laugh after that?

Someone told me friendship always ends, in love but LOVE in friendship never ends. I think love has eluded me but friendship hasn’t. Mr. Incredible has got to have the right stuff & it’s not necessarily found in the finer things in life. The finer things for me are found in a cotton candy that God is spinning for me now……

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  1. Antonio says:

    Yay…! Another post eagerly waited, but worth the wait. This is really a BEAUTIFUL post Pam, what you wrote really made me start to wonder if we really have taken people for granted?!. I am indeed blessed by Him who holds me close to His bosom and is always there with me when i need Him the most. I must say that this has been indeed the MOST heartwarming post you have written and I just want to say, Thank You Lord, for my Dear Friend Pam.

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