Candle That Would Burn A Lifetime

This is Mr. Candle. He is one amazing character who never cease to bring light & life to those who are in need. He is also very much sought after by those who seek him for other purpose. He was the nicest, finest, devoted candle ever made & a piece that would shame his rivals.

One fine day, he met Miss Candle, who was on a journey to find the source of light so she could light up for the nations who are still living in darkness. It was a journey that would make her complete. In the process of lighting up one another’s life, Mr. Candle fell sick. He was confused as to what this source of light meant & if he should find it too. To do that, he had to give up a past. A past that had many hurts & disappointments & betrayals. In this process, he fell further into the darkness. Miss Candle continued to care for him & to nurse him back to life. She burned for him. She halted her journey despite knowing of the lost time. She became the flame to hopefully ignite Mr. Candle to see that he has a journey too.

Over time, Miss Candle fell into despair too. She burned & burned but saw no light in Mr. Candle who held onto a past which served to blister the wounds that Miss Candle suffered in her past. She knew she would lose the path if she continued burning alone. Mr. Candle was nowhere near her journey. His refusal to understand & burn together with Miss Candle, caused her to lose heart & melt away. He did not know how to handle hot wax.

With a heavy heart, Miss Candle had to let go of the burden for she has reached the end. She would lose her source if she doesn’t abide in the safe recesses of the Pot of Wax underneath the rainbow. She would have loved to have Mr. Candle burning side by side with her & filling up each others reserve as they journeyed but he doesn’t know how to.

Now Miss Candle has to be revived & remoulded into a stronger candle, to walk the long, winding path to bring the source of light to those who had never seen it. As for Mr. Candle, the hope is not lost as the source of light is found in abundance for those who seek the right path & willing to brave it.

Category: Relationships
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  1. Christina says:

    Hi Pam!! I like your blog. It is very informative especailly for those have the same interest as you.
    All the best and further updates of yours(which I have not seen before) should be a happening one.

    Christina (the one who actually hugged you before you left… that’s me)

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