Wonderful World of Mabul!

The cloud of silt smoked wispily from beneath the crab. If it hadn’t been the medium of water, you would think the crab’s bottom was on fire. Hovering closer to take a look, I realised that it was using its hind legs to sift the sand to get to its prey, the Sea Biscuit urchin! Every year, I dedicate one trip to a far-off destination, to capture creatures that would completely blow my mind such as this funny crab. Seeing someone upside down, filming a scuttling crab with its morsel must have been quite a sight for the creatures. During night dives, especially in sites where there are plenty of sea urchins, there is no telling what you might hit when you are concentrating on your subject and the only source of light. I didn’t collide with anything and thank goodness for that.



Check out the video!

Spending 5 days on the oil rig resort called Seaventures was pure bliss. Located off the island of Mabul in Sipadan, our ”˜escape’ route was down the ocean below, lowered by the elevator that accommodates 7 people at a time. We had a great crew serving us while having the time of our lives when we sieved out the bizarre residents below the rig.

On the night that we arrived, it coincided with Mid Autumn Festival for the Chinese, what we fondly call ”˜Mooncake Festival.’ According to what Ive been told as a kid, this festival is about a rebellion of the current rulers of China then….commemorating an uprising in China against the Mongol rulers of the Yuan Dynasty (1280”“1368) in the 14th century. They devised a plan to time the rebellion to coincide with the Mid Autumn Festival. Permission was sought from the emperor to distribute thousands of moon cakes to the Chinese residents. These mooncakes, seemingly to bless the longevity of the Mongol emperor, contained the uprising message inscribed on the cake itself! Though Wikipedia stated a different story of a piece of paper with a message ??????? – Kill the Mongols on the 15th day of the 8th month, that’s inserted into the mooncake, I was told it was inscribed. The rebels successfully attacked and overthrew the government on that night and the Ming Dynasty was established soon after. I associate lanterns to this festival because I used to lit them up on nights leading to this day when I was a kid. Prior to being in Mabul, I bought 18 paper lanterns, packed them in my suitcase and on that night, we lit them up and hung them with the help of the crew and other guests in the resort……TA DA…!



We averaged about 4 dives a day, taking as much in as I could with one of my strobes doing the disco light on me all of a sudden. Disabling that I resorted to one strobe & one light instead. Great weather greeted us when we arrived, stormy weather in between, reminded us of nature’s fury as we scrambled to grab our things off the tables into shelter. Just as the most difficult times in the most difficult of situations, the storm will pass and the rainbow is a reminder of not only God’s promise but that the sun will shine again.


Footnote:- Over the next few days, I will blog about the things I’ve seen. I have to get ready for yet another assignment next week which would see me in another part of Indonesia. Till I find some time to upload the videos, you can follow me on Twitter for real time updates!

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