Looking For That Rainbow From Within…and Beneath


Life is a process of living through predestined encounters, some bad, some not so good and some that would leave you breathless. Ive said to myself that maybe one day, when I do have that encounter again, I would make the effort to build on it. What happens when you feel that you are in it by yourself? Would it invalidate your encounter? Or would you let that experience build on you? Uncertainties are most unnerving and many give up because they dont want to be let down. What if it was disappointment in the first place that warranted a defensive action which seemed to be a rejection but its not? What if theres really something at the end of the rainbow if you care to wait after the rain? What if the rainbow is that something that you may be beaming from within you, that can be sighted long after the rain is gone? How would that measure up to what others see in you?

The only way to find out is to look outside every time it rains, and wait for the sunshine…it may beam you up higher than wherever you have been before…

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