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Straighten Crooked Teeth With No Pain or Braces

Do you have an odd looking tooth jutting out or inverted (recessed)? Is one or more of your teeth crooked or misaligned? Do you have stains or marks on your teeth that are beyond repair? Or any broken tooth that robbed you of a beaming smile?? Have you got a gap between your two front teeth? Or constantly aware of your cute Bugs Bunny teeth? Maybe your childhood dentist drove so much fear in you that you vowed never to visit one again? Let me offer you a respite, you can have a set of wonderful looking teeth again without breaking your bank account no matter how impossible you think it is done.

Gone are the days where extract-happy dentists freely rule your jaw as they are no more with the emergence of bright, cheery and friendly women dentists who would make you feel at ease with their assuring conversations with you as you go through normal procedures. I have known Dr. Fauziah, or Fay as we fondly call her, for good number of years since we went diving but only began my dental appointments with her since 2010. She had made known to me about this procedure called composite veneer makeover but I’d put it at the back of my mind until recently when I decided to do it as I was going to represent Malaysia for Samsung to visit Korea sponsored by Korean Tourism Organisation!

Composite bonding or just bonding — which refers to direct composite veneers — is an inexpensive and effective way to restore and correct small chips,  cracks, crookedness and discolouration in the teeth. I’ve had too many teeth grow out at once when I was growing up and removing them caused the other teeth in their position to misalign. Now with this procedure of placing this translucent clay (veneer) on the tooth enamel that has been roughen by polish and bonding agent applied, Fay shaped this clay-like veneer over each tooth that’s crooked and aligned it to make the row flush with the rest of the teeth in proper positon. Then UV light is zapped onto the tooth after applying the final polish to set the veneer to harden. She did this with each tooth till the jaggedness is as even as possible.

She spent about 15 minutes on each tooth and after about 2 hours, I could beam with a smirk from ear to ear because I finally have sorted out my imperfection with this perfect method! This minimally invasive method does not remove any teeth (which is permanent) and is built around my jawline, and it’s almost instant,  which was one of the deciding factors for me. The best thing about it is, Fay and her team of dentists have been restoring people’s smiles for years and their expertise is rivalled by no other. When other dentists charge an arm or a leg to have you do a crowning at RM1,800 per tooth, composite veneer only costs RM400 per tooth, a figure afforded by many more.

This brilliant procedure is for you if you have any of the following:-

Spaces between the teeth.
Poorly shaped or crooked teeth.
Broken or chipped teeth.
Permanently externally stained and/or internally stained teeth.
Unsightly or stained fillings.

You can improve your appearance by having this composite veneer makeover but it cannot change your jawline or give you orthodontic help. It’s suitable for anyone who doesn’t want to spend a few years of their adulthood in braces but want to have an almost perfect, aligned set of teeth!

You can find Fay & her special team of dentists at and do tell her that you read it here at! Her clinics are at Publika & Jalan Raja Laut but if you want to see her, she would be at Publika. Here’s to a new life with painlessly straightened teeth!!!



My smile makeover!

Malaysia Becomes ISOs First Asian Country Venue Host!

Here we are again, the ISO Standards Meeting. This time, with my other Malaysian delegates, Syed Abdul Rahman, Lawrence Lee, Michael & William Tong & Khatijah Hashim!

Returning from shooting in the jungle, I had to set my gear in motion for the bi-annual ISO Standards meeting on 28 & 29 June 2011, the one that the Ministry of Tourism sent me to Orlando for in October 2009. That trip gave me a chance to visit my all-time fantasy land of Magic Kingdom where all dreams do come true & to meet my family in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was decided then, that Egypt being the first to bid, would get to host first, thus, the Ministry sent me to Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt last December of 2010 & finally got to be the first Asian country to host a Working Group meeting!

I met up with Wolfgang, Martin, Mark, Steffen, Julie & Trond the night before the meeting to let them savour the best of Malaysian’s hawker fare at Lot 10. They tried our authentic Hokkien Mee, Cantonese Fried Kuey Teow, Pork Satay, Herbal Drinks, Yong Tow Foo & some other stuff but I was too busy trying to take panorama pictures to note what other stuff they had ordered.

The panorama feature is in the Scene mode of the Samsung NX100!

In their invitation card for the welcoming dinner, the dress code specified was either Formal or Batik so I brought them batik-shopping in Kuala Lumpur’s Golden Triangle! They were ever so enthusiastic to own a piece of our cultural heritage & the shopkeeper was so happy that he gave me silk handkerchief for bringing them there!

Martin Denison tries on a silk batik while Trond & Steffen deliberate in the background.

The gentlemen with their various try-outs!

In the day, for two consecutive days, the meeting proceeded as usual. Though not all the delegates were present, notably Deric Ellerby, my BSAC National Instructor who certified me as one in 1998.

We convened at Renaissance Hotel.

Everyone got very excited as dinner time approached. Here we are, garbed in our batik!

From left:- Steffen of Wales, Trond of Norway, Wolfgang of Italy, Mark of UK, yours truly, Peter of MSDA, Martin of Austria.

Group photo before dinner.

All ready, we walked across from the hotel to Saloma Bistro right opposite, to the beating drumbeat of the kompang!


The Ministry of Tourism put together an ensemble of cultural dances & the delegates had a great time participating on stage!


Taken together with the Deputy Secretary General, Acting Director General, Director of the Industry Development Division of the Tourism Ministry.

The night ended with all smiles as the delegates prepared to return to their countries the following day. A few stayed on for the seminar at the dive expo & also for diving in our warm waters! Until the next meeting in December, I will continue to work with both Ministries for the development of the ISO Standards in Malaysia! 🙂

How to Get Paid As A Writer – Start By Blogging Properly


It won’t make you rich but it would enrich you to create masterpieces that editors will call you when they know you have what they want – articles that would astound your readers, selling the magazines & making their advertisers happy. So have you got what it takes to become a writer? Here are tips to make you one even if you don’t think you are cut out for it:-

  • You are deemed a writer the moment you document your thoughts in a readable manner but what sets you apart as a good writer is how well you engage your readers, making up what I call ”˜your audience,’ to keep them glued to read what you have to say. Capturing their attention means you have gotten their interest & you have only so much time to keep them attentive. Once you understand the basic principles of engagement, you are on your way to becoming a better writer & get paid for it.
  • Make blogging your tool. This is what I would encourage you to do to hone your skills if you are a budding journalist or a poetic-scribbles aspirant. A full-fledged writer is one who can sell the art of literary creation to media, publications or portals.

Be an author of your subject.
If you want your blog to count for anything, then be an author of your chosen subject. This subject matter does not cover politics so if your niche is in spinning propaganda, the information detailed below does not apply to you because you are probably paid as a ghostwriter for spinning already. Get your friends who aspires to get published, to read this article.

What is writing?
Writing is not scribbles on paper or random thoughts on your word processor. It is a process of fact-finding, collating, research, documenting & deciphering the information at hand to create your own expression of that work. Sure, it’s not easy but it should not be difficult if you have passion for the subject. Blogging is a good way to stay in practice. It’s also a showcase of your work & personality. It’s an extension of your opinion on the world wide web. It’s to let your audience understand what you represent, who you are & what you stand for. What you put in your blog will determine the impression people will form about you, be it good or bad. The instance they do, you would be branded immediately so be aware of what you put on your blog so that it wouldn’t create the wrong impression if you seriously want to be considered as a writer. When you write for a publication, you represent the image of that company or establishment. To be held in high regard, your work has got to reflect that you are worthy of carrying that regard too. Companies wouldn’t pay you to represent them if you possess a blog that spews out profane references to anatomical parts of anyone’s mother or make any carnal suggestions to send someone somewhere. You are what you create & you can only spew out what you are full of.

Developing character, not ABCs….
Do you have enough respect for yourself to remain honourable & presentable as a creator of your literature? A good tree produces good fruits but a bad tree can’t. Neither can a good tree produce bad fruits. In my experience of being a writer & eventually an editor & publisher, I find the most desirable trait of a writer is his/her passion. Other than that, the most important aspect a writer should develop is themselves. What can you write when all you do in real life is maliciously slander, curse, criticise & judge others? The true nature of a person is found in the mental & moral qualities that they exude. Everything else is secondary because writing communicates your thoughts & even emotions to your readers if you care to be creatively expressive enough. If you haven’t learnt qualities of others in articles & findings that you read, then you should really be questioning yourself if you have anything that others would like to read about your work. There are writers, however, who thrive on writing criticisms & cynicisms but if you want to paid as a serious writer in publications, forget about these exceptions because they are not the rule.

How to write?
Since I’ve substituted the pen with the computer, I can hardly write singlehandedly with it. I use a magnificent journalling application called MacJournal. For today only, you get a 50% discount if you click on the banner on the right to purchase it at US$19.99. I got mine when it was US$39.99. Plan your article. Write your ideas down. Collate information. Build your plot. Stick to facts & accurate information. Accredit the right people with correct spelling of their names. Read & re-read your article many times & make sure it makes sense to you. Learn to edit yourself. Editors are anal. It takes one to know one. If you have to read tons of manuscripts each day & you catch grammatical mistakes in 9 out of 10 of them, you would be anal too!

The body of your article would have to be the meat that your audience have to chew on. How tasty it is in their mouths would depend on how creatively you put it. The stroke of the pen (keyboard, in my case) should wave electrical synapses to zap them with emotions & give them a reaction that you want. Otherwise, why would you spend your time writing if you are not going to have fun with them???

Develop Your Own Style
Your flair would come as you put your thoughts down naturally. This is why blogging will help you set the stage for it. How you express yourself, describe situations & define your characters will be indicative of the kind of writing that you have passion for. Be creative with words. I coin terms off the cuff to describe things not-yet-found in the dictionary, which I term, Pummkinology. My aim is to wowify (pummkinology) my audience with humour as I lead them through a voyage as if they were living it themselves. Develop substance. Keep your audience entertained. Even dumb blondes have an interesting perspective of life worthy to be told in their blogs.

Connect with your readers. Write as if you are writing to ONE person, irregardless of how many are reading it at the same time. Am I addressing you as a crowd? Or do I speak to you as if you are the only one here? You lose connection the moment you start your article/blog with ”˜Hi Everybody!” unless you are writing an email addressed to several people at once.

How to get published.
There’s nothing wrong with blogging as long as you keep your profession separate. Blogging tends to be informal & lighthearted, sort of like an insight to one’s life & thoughts through personal logs. To a writer, blogging cripples the use of Queen’s English, unless you choose to use it all the time, which means, strict adherence to proper grammar, punctuation, spelling & define all colloquial & slang. You would want your article to be understood across genres, generations & cultures of an English-speaking audience not just a select few. Notice I seldom write informally because I have audience from the world over stopping by to see what I’m up to & what marine creatures I’ve managed to haul up in my camera. Be remembered for something in your life.

Send your articles with a caveat to editors. Include pictures. There are dozens of writers who produce articles but what would make yours standout would be what I had described in paragraph one. The attention-grabber. And lots of pretty pictures. You skip that & you would have lost your pitch.

Mainstream media have editors who are twice your age, have worked through thousands of articles in their decades of experience & will not tolerate improper usage of the language. If you don’t capture their attention in the first 30 seconds, you are as good as gone. What is mainstream media? Not just the daily newspapers but the magazines that have been around from your mother’s time. These are success stories in the publishing world so if you want to carve a niche in any area, start with writing what your audience want to read about & get to know your editor’s style. I have several editors who would call on me (whatever time of day & night) whenever they need a story on a given area of my expertise. Develop that relationship. It helps you get ahead as a freelancer later.

Identify & Select Your Publications

  • Determine the type of publication – cars, fashion, business trends, travel, men’s, women’s, lifestyle, entertainment, luxury etc.
  • Read through them before you decide on which one you want your articles to be published in. If it’s a magazine with lousy English, your association with them will bring you ill repute too.
  • Understanding your audience – look through the publication & identify the style & theme. Gauge your audience’s genre. Identify with their needs. Connect.
  • Plan your pitch.
  • Write to the editor & send teaser shots of the subject you would like to submit. When they reply, send your pitch & then follow up.

Points to keep in mind

Editors may or may not read your email. I received an average of 100 emails per day, half of those I needed to reply immediately, with manuscripts, plans & projects under my nose to read, edit & send back for rewrites, just to give you an idea of what goes on in a publication. There’s no guarantee what you had sent will be accepted so be prepared to send to other publications too.

There are copyright issues to note & what you submit may not entitle you to publish in other publications or media. That’s why a blog is important to establish yourself & to document the work that you do.

The rewards are not measured by how much or how little you make as a writer but by how others see your work in print & recognise you for it. No matter what you write, as long as you stick to the principles of staying noble & true, you will impact lives.

Footnote:- I am in the midst of pitching my travels to magazines & writing advertorials for my sponsors, which is great & this article breaks my monotony of writing on the same subject. It’s my way of staying relevant in the business. Next in the pipeline, is how to overcome writer’s block.

Land of Camels & Bedouins


The Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation sent me to attend my first ISO Standards meeting in 2008, in Vienna, Austria, a city listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The second meeting in 2009 was then jointly sent & funded by the Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia in Orlando, Florida, to bid on the hosting of the next meeting in Malaysia. This is my third year being sent as I attended the meeting hosted by Egypt’s Ministry of Tourism & Chamber of Diving & Water Sports (CDWS) in Sharm El Sheikh, the dive tourism capital of the world.


I won’t elaborate on what I’d learnt as that would be stated in an official report to the Ministry but the following was what I got to experience. Despite the 5 shark attack incidents that maimed 4 people & killed 1, the divers were not perplexed nor were they deterred to go diving. In fact, it’s the thing we go diving for, at least for me anyway. I met some incredible people who left a lasting impression in my mind for the work that they do & their perception of life when I got to chat with them on a personal level. I didn’t feel important my work, for by hook or by crook, I have to do it anyway. The strange thing is when I realise what has to be said at the time it needed to be said, was said. Such is the power of God who is in control of all things.


The flight to Amman, Jordan took almost 13hrs with a transit time about 8hrs & then the flight to Sharm El Sheikh was 1 hour. Queen Alia is beautiful. She was pictured with King Jordan in a frame that graced the hotel (Golden Tulip). I would have loved to see the Petra but there wasn’t enough time.

With the closure of the beach for snorkellers & divers, no shore dives could be done where I stayed at Iberotel Club Fanara & I was really looking forward to my NatGeo moment with the sharks. I spent a lot of time at the dive centre, Diving & Discovery, pestering the Italian hunk, Raffaele (the guy in blue vest below), to tell me when I can get into the water. Obviously, the rest of the clan was there too, including Christian & Klaus, who missed the French’s action at the meeting! I wonder if they got to see sharks….


I will post up videos of this remarkable dive centre that won the Best Diving Centre Award 4 years in a row, they will blow your mind! Well, no shore diving then.

So I did the next best thing, which was to hijack Wolfgang to go on the chase for biblical places…..Moses’ burning bush & the well of his destiny at Mount Sinai! Coincidentally, St. Catherine’s monastery was listed as a world heritage site as well & off we went on the trail across mountain ranges to get to St. Katherine city to see where Moses met with God.

The view on the road to the mountain was breathtaking to say the least, I was blown away by the terrain & vastness of the dry desert. Sure it was cold, certainly not what I’d expected from Egypt. Reaching 1500m above sea level, we got down to walk the rest of the way to the monastery. I had to climb a monstrous of a mountain to take a picture of the monastery! In my Crocs!


Look at the miniature people!


St. Catherine Monastery.

I got to see the ”˜burning bush’ as well as the well of Moses destiny.


I’ve been spending the last few days, one, having an impromptu birthday dinner with Calvin & Eleanor & two, teaching my students how to dive. Posting this as my last post of the decade as we approach a brand New Year! I know you have been journeying with me, albeit, silently through my last 6 years of unbridled literary works! Do know that I welcome your comments & words of encouragement as you ride the next 10 years with me! God bless you & have a blast ushering in the New Year! 🙂

Malaysia in 24Hrs – Underwater Sceneries

Founded by Stephen Ronee Lau in 2008, this project was initially doubted & scorned by skeptics. The participation fee of RM50 was deemed too much by cynics who cast off this initiative as a scam. Stephen is the brainchild behind the branding of Aquaria KLCC’s programs and their first coffee-table book. His concepts in events and mind-map training have earned him a reputation of being a trendsetter. When he approached me to ask for my participation in submitting 20 underwater images for the digital album DVD, I didn’t hesitate. Though the deadline had been extended several times due to insufficient number of images, that didn’t deter Stephen and the rest of us in believing what he could do with it.

On 6 March 2010, this event was launched at the National Art Gallery by the Deputy Minister of Natural Resource & Environment with an exhibit ion of 42 participants’ work, one of each selected from the portfolio submitted for this program. We were given a certificate of appreciation for our work as each one was called to the stage to receive it from the Minister. Even the participants themselves couldn’t believe that such opportunities existed in a simple submission of their photos. It was to be displayed for a month but the Minister announced that it be made a permanent exhibit as Stephen presented all 42 pieces, bound & framed, to the National Art Gallery. I was told a month prior to this launch to be present and being the first of its kind in Malaysia and for the dive industry, I told Stephen that I would not miss it for the world. I even told a dear friend who is no longer here, that it would mean so much to me if I could share the moment but who am I to warrant the time of bigwigs with their heroic deeds? I am just a small fry in the ocean looking out for other small fries not wanting to be eaten before our time.

Well, my little moment of recognition came with the presence of my dear friends who made it in their finest attire to grace and celebrate the event with me since my family could not. Thank you, Heanna, Er-Win, Jia Li, Wong & friend. Your support had been tremendously uplifting.


Picture courtesy of Bahaman Hashim.


I can finally say I’m exhibited in the National Art Gallery!!! 😀

ISO Meeting TC228WG1 in Orlando, Florida

I made it to the meeting! The who’s who, who does what’s what in the world of diving were all there in the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando. I enjoyed the food. Burnt a lot of brain cells talking and convening in the meeting as it challenged my somewhat limited knowledge in technical diving, being a recreational dive instructor. Despite calls to take up technical diving professionally, I still want to maintain my status quo. Two days of intensive debate and discussion. One for Malaysia. We put in the bid to host the next meeting in November 2010. Let’s see what happens then!

2009-11-05 1.jpg

RSTC hosted lunch & dinner! Thank you, Julie!


Bali Unlimited!

The Damai…..

It’s a long hiatus and one that was not intended to be. Almost as soon as I complete a trip, I had to pack and go somewhere else. Back in July, I was blessed with the grand prize for a lucky draw in renewing my subscription to SDAA magazine and I won an 8days/7nights ALL_GIRLS trip to dive Bali’s most luxurious liveaboard, The Damai in September. What an amazing gift from God!

Volcano – Mount Agung

The back of The Damai….

Massage decks

Built in Indonesia to a length of 33 metres by 8 metres wide, it’s a villa on water! With a cruising speed over 8 knots, this beauty accommodates only 8 divers in private cabins with queen or king sized beds and shower with bath tubs! The best thing I liked about this boat was the individual workspace for camera gears! There were two masseurs onboard to give massages anytime of the day or night! Two feeder boats would be used to send us out to the dive sites from the mothership. Navigating from the south at Benoa Harbour in Tanjong Benoa, we cruised all the way north to Menjangan after one dive in Nusa Penida’s SD Point.

Camera Area…..

My bed!

From left:- Sol, Ping, Lorenzo, me, Meijin, Mei.

Periclemenes soror (shrimp) in blue morph

Scorpion leaffish

Huge commensal shrimp on anemone & sand dollar!

Coconut Octopus retracting into shell & using can top to close the opening.

Menjangan is so beautiful and not many people have dived there at night simply because of the distance to the mainland and the ground considered sacred by the locals. With the access by liveaboard, we were able to recce some areas never dived before at night!!! Currents were swift, and before when people tell me about the Bali currents, I used to shrug it off but I’m telling you, the currents are some of the swiftest I’ve ever encountered! I was in my shorts & thermal vest, every metre I drifted in the dark, away from the beam of my torch was an astounding alert as seafans, huge soft corals & hard reefs emerge from nowhere for me to avoid in a matter of seconds! If a shark had been nearby, it would’ve detected my rapid pulses from breathing deeply and swerving to avoid collision. Amidst all that flying underwater, I managed to take some fantastic shots while grabbing onto a rock. I must say it was the most amazing night dive ever!

Got this Emperor Shrimp & Crab on a Sea Cucumber!!!

Lionfish on the hunt…

Dendronephtya sp. soft corals

Huge Scorpionfish!

Spider Crab

Surely Menjangan had to be the best dive site in Bali! We went on to dive Puri Jati, Amed, Tulamben, Liberty Wreck, Seraya Secrets & back to Nusa Penida. The water condition at Nusa Penida was dangerous and after attempting to dive to see the Mola Molas, we aborted due to extreme conditions unfit for diving.

I spent 5 nights on The Damai, diving to my heart’s content with 4 other girls who coincidentally, were all of Chinese descent! Mei & Ping are Malaysian Chinese residing in Singapore, Sol is Chinese Singaporean, Mei Jin is Shanghainese and I’m Nyonya Hokkien who doesn’t speak a word of Hokkien! The following 2 nights were spent in a luxurious villa in Bali called Villa Casis, where we returned to after we shopped and roamed the streets of Legian. The bathtub was handmade in an egg-shape which enclosed me entirely. The room overlooks the pool.

The Villa Casis

The bathroom

The bath tub….

Returning home with tons of pictures, great dive experiences & having met great friends over those 8 days was like a dream come true. Thank you for making this possible, Alberto (owner of The Damai) & Scuba Diver Australasia Magazine!!! 😀

Vienna Calling The Movers & Shakers

At this very moment, I’m sitting on my bed in a cosy room of a hotel near the Austrian Standards Institute in Vienna. I’ve been bestowed with the task of representing Malaysia as a delegate to attend the ISO (International Standards Organisation) Standards Meeting for Diving, sent by the Technical Committee of SIRIM. Being in the working group of the first standards set, I’d been involved as part of the policy planning at the national level since 2005. I am so honoured to be sent here. It’s amazing how the whole system works when you get to the international level and meet all the movers and shakers of the dive industry around the world. It’s even more baffling that there are only two other females in the meeting and one of whom is an observer (no right to vote). 

Again, I was the youngest of the lot and as I thought of something intelligent to say when I was having breakfast with butterflies on the first day, the eventual meeting was only formal until I injected pummkinology into the proceedings. Whenever they had to concur on matters, it would be called as a ”˜unanimous decision of the participants,’ and when they glanced my way, I’d say, ”˜I”“nanimous”¦.U-nanimous”¦? We-nanimous???’ *Nod nod nod*  “Ok, we have wenanimously decided!”

Pam oh Pam, when will I ever learn to be serious? Don’t tell anyone but I think I had the most amount of fun in that two-day meeting. I have to submit a few reports when I get back. Even my BSAC instructor, Deric Ellerby, was present, obviously, because he wrote the BSAC manuals and was instrumental in building the industry!

When I return, I would have a lot of work to do. This would mean translating all the effects down to the dive operators and keeping them informed and hope, they will finally come together to a better tomorrow.

A New Step, New Title & A New Beginning


Since I got back from tracking Samuel & Natasha Dan’s underwater wedding at the Tioman Mega Dive event, I’d been busy preparing for my Instructor Trainer course with NAUI. Many were surprised at my decision to crossover but I feel that after 10 years in the industry, it’s time to move forward with an organisation that makes decision & takes charge here in Malaysia.

NAUI Pacific Rim is located in KL & all materials are printed in Malaysia, keeping the cost really low. Even the certification cards are issued here. With the rising cost of everything, it makes sense to explore alternatives. So I took the plunge. I had to hit the books with vigour & rekindle my flame with scientific terms in physics & some biology. All’s good. I’m sitting for the exams this weekend!

Rufus Went To The Palace With Me!

With my tight schedule, I had to pick Rufus up from the boarders over the weekend I was in Tenggol & my next appointment was at Istana Negara to meet with the Personal Assistant of the Confidential Secretary to the King. Filled with excitement, I drove passed the guards with Rufus on my passenger seat. They just stared in amazement. I left the engine on & the windows partial wound down & proceeded to register myself to conduct my business with the palace’s officials.

I was to get my copy of the Encyclopedia back from the Confidential Secretary to the King………with the King’s autograph in it.

My Milestone in Journalism

Three years ago, I was approached to write about scuba diving in Malaysia, the history & how it began as a sport. When I found out that it was for the Sports & Recreation Volume of the Encyclopedia of Malaysia by Editions Didier Millet, I was so honoured.

On the 18 June 2008 at the National Stadium in Kuala Lumpur, the book was launched by His Majesty Yang Di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Mizan Zainal Abidin, attended by the many authors who put this volume together. I was so thrilled to be a part of it & would like to humbly share it with you here. May there be many more after this one!