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Chivalrous Knights Meeting Nightingales

In 2005, I was ranting about where my Valentine would be found so I tested the waters by inviting love letters, or any expressions thereof. Then by bringing my group of performers together, we went out to do crazy things, snapping pictures under bridges and singing on top of our lungs across the lake! The previous year, I held an exam for my group of students with Greg cooking up a storm at his apartment, which sparked off an annual event ever since. In 2006 & the years that followed, we had more celebrations, and this year, I decided to have a sit-down dinner to spice things up for the year.

Given that Valentine’s Day happen to fall on Chinese New Year, I decided to hold it a week earlier. Inviting the usual suspects, and my group of divers who are absolutely single (isn’t it fun?), we had a turnout of 30 people at The Terrace with a proper, 7-course dinner at Fukuharu Japanese Restaurant.



Andrew Sia, the Chief Reporter of The Star, was given the task of the 11th hour, to talk about ‘chivalry’ in modern times. He broke the ice, the notion that chivalry is dead and several misconception of women during the dinner which I thoroughly enjoyed. We had coffee thereafter which carried on till 2:30am before deciding to let everyone reminisce the event at home. What knights they were when meeting us nightingales….. 😀


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Almost as soon as I got back from Hanoi, I had to certify a group of students in a secret island over the Merdeka Day weekend. With all the reports of whale shark sightings in the area, I was beginning to resign to the fact that perhaps the whale shark is a myth! I have been diving for 16 years and I’ve not seen it! Why?!?!

On our 5th dive which was my 2,209th, we set out to look for it and after 40 minutes hovering in the blue or was it green, due to the unusually high plankton content in the water. Almost given up, we surfaced to get back onto the boat when the boatman shouted for me to backroll into the water as a whale shark was approaching on the surface! Well, as you guessed it, the whale shark is no longer a myth because I had an encounter with TWO!

Dining Out in Hanoi, Vietnam

A constant reminder flashes on my PDA to look into areas which I’ve neglected since shuttling between countries became a weekly affair. Tasting the best that Hanoi had to offer, I actually miss the food in Green Tangerine after I got back. To say that I have not fine dined is not true, to say that I’ve not eaten the best is also not quite right since I have attended dozens of food sampling fares in my line of work as an editor.


Green Tangerine serves the best French cuisine in the whole of Vietnam.


Apart from that, I was also taken to Bobby Chinn’s, another exceptional place with truly the finest foods, tastefully prepared & equally good on the buds.


To complete the Vietnamese dining experience, Indochine was the place to be. Authentic Vietnamese food.


Treats upon treats, I knew I would have to work doubly hard when I get back to lose the pounds that I piled.

Before long, I had my trip to Tenggol, then Bali for 9 days. Now I’ve really got to get myself in the mode to detail my experiences for the rest of the trip! Here’s a short one for now.

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Roaming In Genting Highlands

I took a drive up to the highlands and had a glass of Chai Latte at Coffee Beans before setting out to look for food. Seeing this quaint Vietnam House, I decided to have Vietnamese food!

Crossing this bridge, the smallish eatery was decorated with bright and colourful cloth lanterns.

Ordering the most lavish item on the menu, I thought I’d treat myself to something nice. The Five Beef Item was excellent! Each type of beef serving in this order tasted authentically Vietnamese! Comes with edible paper wrap and fresh salad to accompany the little treats, it’s a must-try for meat lovers. This dish is highly recommended.

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Austrian Food at Karl Beisls

Curried pumpkin soup with Austrian white wine

I was invited to a food tasting at Karl Beisls by Andrew of one of our local dailies & when we arrived, two reporters from another daily have already started with dinner! The war of the universe has begun & yours truly was in the line of fire when the offensive party knows not that I do not work for their adversary. When the food arrived, they clamoured for the photo opportunity, leaving no room for Andrew or me to shoot. Getting a feel of a territorial war, I began to sympathise with Andrew. Seated next to the enemy, I had been the butt of their insinuations of our purported lateness. I replied, Oh, were you told to come earlier then? Hmmm…wonder why we were told to come at eight. Maybe they think we shouldnt eat that much.

When I had the chance, I whispered to Andrew, Oi, Uncle, I feel like Im treading in enemy waters, what have you done to them? Shes really sarcastic! Is this what you do in the reporting business???

Dunno lah, Auntie, they are all like that. Just enjoy your food & dont give them room to attack you.

Ok, our mode of operation became a story telling session. I couldnt eat most of the dishes due to my allergy but we had lots of fun sampling other non-pork dishes & sharing backpacking tales.

After losing 4.5kg in 5 weeks, I didnt think the pumpkin soup, salad & salmon steak would do anything to jeopardise my weight management program. My pants fit & I dont wobble when I walk. Thats all that matters.

Pork Jelly Salad – I cant touch this.

Pork Knuckle with Bratwurst…..cant touch this at all

Salmon Salad! Yummy!

Chef Karl Beisl with Roasted Suckling Pig…..I cant touch this. Im allergic to pork.

Another Pork Dish… cant touch this either

Osso Bucco Lamb Shank with Pasta – Im allergic to lamb too.

Ah, finally my Salmon Steak with Spinach & Mashed Potatoes!!!

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