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Where Are You, Kuning???


Since this poster had been circulated in town, I have received many calls & leads to his whereabouts. Please join me in sending this out by email. Thanks!

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Message from the Honorable State Assemblyman

In response to the unsubstantiated allegations made against Furry Friends Farm in the forums & blogs,  YB Edward Lee of Bukit Gasing Constituency & state assemblyman, made a visit on his own will being an animal lover himself after receiving a complaint from one of his constituent. They paid Jorg a visit at around 11pm on 27 May 2009 having received a tip-off since the poster of Kuning had been distributed online & around KL.

According to him, the visit was made in a friendly & civil manner together with a Municipal Councilor, the team of four went to Jorg’s house in Bukit Bintang area, to speak to Jorg & his wife, Shahrul, and was invited by Shahrul to go in to see for themselves. Jorg invited them to the back of the house where a lot of dogs & cats were kept, while two remained in the front outside. Only Daniel entered the house & though Kuning was not inside, he saw a house filled with dogs & cats in cages.

The team also found out that neighbours had been complaining of the noises & the stench that was emanating from his house. The neighbours had seen him cart the whole lot of dogs in cages away in a lorry & then back again as if he was on the run from  something. YB Edward Lee stated that the house is not fit for even one dog & left word with him to ask him to call if Kuning is found.

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Rescuing The Remainders

Satellite image of Ground Zero

Satellite image of Ground Zero

The passed few days, we’d been thinking about Kuning. How anyone could claim to be an animal lover & yet covet the dog belonging to wonderful owners, a dog which also happen to be the only lure for the stray dogs on the island. I’d also been thinking about what we have achieved so far (or not) and what we have made do without. We have no major sponsors, no name, no corporate sponsorships, no patrons, no fantastic people with fancy titles too long to mention in our board, no connections in the higher places neither can we summon up free things at the snap of a finger or the drop of a few names but what we have is a group of sincere, truthful, honest & helpful people who understand the meaning of humanity.

We have volunteers who form the crux of what Furry Friends Farm is all about and these people do not want to put up with nonsense, acts of sabotage, publicity-hungry individuals who spit venom at us when we rise above the challenge, ignorant people who are oblivious to the truth behind the scenes.

Sabrina is an abandoned child herself. She has got little possessions. Her love & life are her dogs. Yet there are attempts to influence the landlord to evict her from her land, a preposterous act which is driven by people who plot for her to fail. While we tend to the rescue, there has been individuals who trespass on her land to release all the dogs from their play pens & the injured from their cages. Another act known only by its plotter. Now we have the abduction. You might think she’s a horrible person who made lots of enemies but why, are these acts so cowardly? Why has ONE individual managed to make so much difference to the lives of 80+ (now 100+) dogs in 3 years than a big ORG which has in 51 years with a force of many strong??? Why is she a threat to them? Her dedication to a cause that seem to be missing from the mainstream players??? Or her exemplary work that shouts even in silence???

If you have come here to find incriminatory remarks, you’ll find none. You would do better searching your heart for what’s right and what’s not. If your actions are beyond reproach, then carry on for you would have to deal with the Flying Scroll in the spiritual realm that I’ve sent forth as mentioned in Zechariah 5:1-4. God is great.

While Sabrina is taking care of the administration of things, please print out pictures on an A4 sheet & paste them at all the 7Eleven convenience stores in your neighbourhood. Somebody is bound to spot him.

Here’s the map of the place where we’ve been. The Kelong is marked with a Doggie icon.

Map of Area

With the help of Hew, Daniel & Adi, we set out to infiltrate the water channels that are extremely shallow & only navigatable during high tide. The water was rapid & the surf was up. If I have refused to take you along to the site, watch this video & you will understand why.

There are sand flies that are immune to insect repellents. We’ve been bitten silly & I’ve got marks to prove it. The dogs have gone into hiding. Adi wouldn’t advise us going further than what he feels is safe for any of us. He knows something that we don’t and we’re not arguing. It was awfully quiet apart from the sound of Kingfishers calling & the occasional Drongo. We could hear the sounds coming from the kelong. Every bit of noise emanates through the Bakau forest. Even the Brahminy Kite that protested from above, couldn’t make the dogs bark or whine like before. They have become afraid. Not surprising considering how much noise the entourage of 30+ people who made their presence felt with the press two Saturdays ago.

Venturing in.....The dots are where we’ve travelled on the kayak. A total distance of 4.3km but the distances that Hew covered in the mangrove was more as he did not carry the GPS. The island is about 7km long and the widest point is 3km. There are waterways that are just impossible to pass because of fallen logs & such.

Without all that glitzy & glamourous help, we have gotten 21 dogs out by the grace of God & all your prayers. Please continue to pray for the team, for God to lead us to the dogs, protection for Sabrina & the farm and the public to learn the truth.  .

Without Kuning, Hitam is the lone ranger who carries the food to the dogs but not the charisma to get them to safety. Adi, Bono & Shafi are pining for him like a parent pining for a lost child. May God stir the souls who are responsible for the abduction and not give them any moment of peace till they return him.

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Recognise & Remember Kuning….

I am exasperated, bound but not broken. Adi, Bono & Shafi are distraught over the loss of their furry pal. They are sad & demoralised because before this, they were living lives in tranquility & harmony with the two dogs. Now one of them is gone. Whoever has taken him, has to deal with the wrath of God for he/she has coveted the beloved pet of innocent rescuers.

I will not point fingers neither will I forget what I know where Kuning was last seen. I am expecting Kuning to be returned to Pulau Selat Kering when no one is looking, because the perpetrator knows the dire consequences of the abduction, not just from the public but from God. I will not give anyone a chance to come at us to say that we have made unfounded allegations. If Kuning does show up, we will rejoice and praise God. If he doesn’t, then may God deal with the person(s) who had taken him.

These are pictures which bears Kuning’s scar on the tummy near his right hind leg, in different angles. Please distribute in Facebook as you deem fit. I count on you to make this known to your friends especially those who live in Ampang, Selangor.

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Kuning Is Missing!!!


On Tuesday 19 May 2009, Yorg came by the kelong to let us know that the food at the southern side of the island was untouched. We left the place with our respective boats at the same time. When we got back to land, the lady at the roadside coffee stall told us that the party who had come out before us had a beautiful yellow dog with them. We didn’t think much about it. Today, when I got here, the workers at the kelong were furious. Kuning had not come back for the passed two nights & he was last seen with them. They think that ANOTHER ORGANISATION is responsible for taking him. If he is not returned to the rightful owner, they will lodge a report against them.

How is this different from the dog catchers who enter people’s compound to take people’s dog without consent??? Kuning belongs to Adi, Bono & Shafi at the kelong & just because Kuning traverses the channel to the mangroves frequently, it doesn’t give anyone any right to cart him off. So the big ORG doesn’t just compete for space in dog rescue, put dogs to sleep when there’s no space, but they also take dogs which do not belong to them. What kind of animal shelter employs people & volunteers who do not respect other dog owners??? Now I’m pissed. YOU ALL HAVE NO RIGHT TO TAKE KUNING AWAY FROM HIS OWNERS!!! BRING HIM BACK YOU IDIOTS!!!

The Real Rescuers

In the light of what’s transpired at the meeting, I want to maintain that FFF will continue to engage the services of the brave Indonesian workers who had been instrumental in catching the dogs BY HAND before the traps that were supplied by DBKL to S*CA. If any parties feel that RM50 is too much of a price to pay for one dog, then they have missed the whole point of the mission. You can’t put a price to any life if you profess to have compassion for them. It’s not like the workers of the kelong (fish farm) have the time to get dogs from elsewhere to dump onto Hell Island (Selat Kering). Each one of them caught had been seen by me previously except Garang, the huge dog that’s being treated for heartworms now. FFF will not rescind on the agreement we had established with them way before any other rescuers lifted their fingers to help. We are a team of mostly females. We acknowledge that we have no superpowers to draw the dogs out nor have we any special tools to device traps. When I came into the picture, I feel that water safety for the rescuers were more important than the mission itself, hence I took on the role of a director.

For those who don’t know, the sea is not a place to reckon with & with 11 years of instructing experience, I have led several hundred divers in more than 2000 dives around the globe & the varying conditions of the weather & sea can be very dangerous even if you are a swimmer, hence, I needed qualified lifesavers to be in the team. At least I can sure that the person is capable of looking after him/herself. I know many of my friends are trained but not everyone would want to stick their necks out for animals and I don’t blame them. If anyone doesn’t have the heart to serve, asking them to do so would mean forcing them out of their comfort zone. I thank God for the various members I have right now.


Now a certain Tea, in charge of Pulau Ketam, made the insinuation that ‘a private company is taking advantage to collect donations’ which in his opinion, should be TRANSFERRED to the Pulau Ketam Spaying/Neutering Mission Fund. Giving face to the chairperson (SP Wong), I held back my rebuttal but I think the public deserves to know this, lest other parties decide to make an issue of it & persecute Sabrina again. Do you think it’s right for your hard earned money that goes towards supporting the FFF rescue should be FORCED HANDED over to the perpetrators of the problem in Pulau Ketam, or would you want the surplus funds to go into the maintenance, medical treatment & care for the dogs (cats, rabbits & what nots) AND the caretaker (Sabrina) to improve the facilities at the farm??? I choose the latter.

If the respective organisations had taken pro-active steps, preventive measures & mass education with the years of experience behind them, this problem would not have escalated to this level. I have to commend the woman who made a fantastic proposal to the council which I believe, is the way forward to solve the problem at Pulau Ketam (not Hell Island). It was the only sensible thing she said in the whole meeting considering that she often called me rude….. 😀  (and I’m a certified BRAT too, MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!)

As Zulkifli of MPK was to have called the owner of the kelong, the outcome was quite a surprise to us. Thinking that they may have wrangled succeeded, we were already making plans of building a solid pontoon to be towed to the site. Remember from the start I mentioned that the mechanics of the rescue would have to be withheld??? It was in anticipation of all these trials & challenges that would come Sabrina’s way. I wonder why with all the updates, these big boys (or girls) don’t opt to right the wrong that they have mentioned to the press. I guess they have gotten too big for their hats & feel that they are right.

It’s alright. We are holding the fort and so are our friends worldwide and should anything happen to Sabrina or her dogs at her farm, we all know what this issue has come down to.

Well, here are snippets of the email sent to clarify the kelong owner’s stand on the matter which I feel, would dispel all allegations of us renting the kelong, thus preventing others from their rescue efforts which is NOT TRUE.



It was never our intention to stop anybody from rescuing the dogs because we have no reason to. If it’s entertainment on their part to see their own faces in the newspapers, so be it. I’ve got humans to look after in the rescue as the dogs will be caught & saved by the real rescuers called Adi, Bono & Syafi.

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Detachment After Attachment

Kuning was visibly & audibly upset when Er Win left the fish farm off Selat Kering Island to do a visual survey with his kayak early in the morning (last Saturday) as he had gotten very attached to him over the night. He slept outside my tent & at times, walking over Er Wins torso, stepping on his family jewels & all, which I didn’t think Er Win would mind.

He was missing from the fish farm today. Hitam was nowhere to be seen too. So I asked the workers where they had gone to (my first suspicion was that they had swum over to Selat Kering to locate their friends). The worker told me they had gone deep into the interiors as he had heard their barks on the southern side, not where they would usually go. Dogs have an uncanny ability to sense things & whatever brought them there, they must have been driven by senses that we humans cannot comprehend. Half expecting them to be jungle-wise, I hope they would lead their friends to the food & water given & go back to the safety of the farm.

Keith Khoo, a long lost diver friend, who reconnected with me through this case, accompanied Joanne & I on this trip to speak to the boatman in Hokkien & hopefully, whoever we come across in the course of our mission as I dont speak the language. The boatman was perplexed as to why people would spend money on lives they deemed useless (referring to the dogs that they discarded) & Keith drew an analogy & asked the boatman, “Sir, if you were to have a heart attack, would you like to die immediately or go in a slow & painful death as you lay bedridden???” He replied, “Die better.”

“So likewise, these dogs are suffering a slow & painful death that peoples actions have inflicted upon them. Their lives may not be important to you because you were not brought up to love them but in our culture, our parents have taught us to love animals & respect all lives. They have as much right to live as we do. And animals are very much a part of our lives. To see something of this magnitude happen to them, people are angry, saddened, upset & shocked so they want to get them out to a safe place where they can live again,” Keith added.

Logic has spoken & the boatman went home understanding why we are doing all this. To them, and to the villagers of Pulau Ketam too, I believe, the concept of responsible pet ownership doesn’t exist. Their lives are simple. They live as fishermen & small time traders. The village is separated from the mainland & most cannot grasp the concept of keeping animals properly. A lot of them are not learned let alone hear about animal sanctuaries & places for animals such as Furry Friends Farm which had started 3 years ago, way before the expose of Pulau Ketam. They sought the help of the Klang Town Council (MPK) & that’s the advice & solution given. MPK sanctioned the catching (paid the villagers who trapped them too) and the dumping. The MPK councilor in charge of Pulau Ketam area had the cheek to make insinuations at the meeting yesterday at the very people who stepped forward to help them after their blooming mistake. Again, SP Wong who chaired the meeting put everyone in their places including her colleague who made the remarks in my presence. People (like those present) who cast the first stone are usually people who like to lord over others & those who feel more righteous than others. Surely God sees all that’s happening & I rest in that knowledge that He will vindicate. We just do our part & fulfill what we started.

When people show no respect, they shouldnt expect any respect from me so call me rude if you must, as I will be rude to antagonistic people who display themselves to be worse off than the ignorant, less educated villagers of Pulau Ketam.

Long after this mission is over, the work at the sanctuary (FFF) will still continue. We are in the process of getting little name tags & collars for ALL the furkids at FFF. If you would like to be a part of this personalisation project, please get a medium sized collar for any number of dogs you want to sponsor. The tags are between RM6 – RM8 each with engraving of the dogs name. I will ask Bobby (friend of Maryanne) if its okay for you to contact him directly & order the tags before I post up his mobile number here. Sabrina is at the farm, TV Smith is coordinating corporate help while we are at the kelong.

Every one of the volunteers have been superb in giving their all to help us coordinate this. Jon, Lynn & Coralyn Yap have been baking Apple Cakes for us to fill our hunger pangs in between meals on the kelong, Er Win (pharmacist) & Chris giving of their skills in survey, outdoor & recognaissance, Joanne in her super sharp observance of animal behaviour including the two-legged kind, Connie who had been remarkably resourceful in her local logistics connections, Marjorie & Karin for their great carpentry work on the feeding pontoons, Nicole, Zalina & Janet in the secretariat handling all sorts of enquiries and the many who are working in the background providing legal, financial, moral & media support whose names are not mentioned here for obvious reasons. We are so grateful to have you & I hope to be able to meet each & everyone of you one day over a glass of teh tarik. Maybe even bring my Mighty Rufus along because Im sure, he is somewhat like Kuning, who gets upset when I leave the nest to save his kind in a mangrove swamp somewhere out there……..

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Pot Calling Kettle Black

I read Donald’s blog with much delight, in that he too, shared the same sentiments of whats right. He put back the laughter in me and made me see elephants in a brand new light. I guess our network is what baffles the BIG BOYS (or should that be GIRLS???) now. Within minutes of our visit, we have updates on our blogs, pictures in our gallery & our respective friends through our Facebook so if the chronological of events that were publicised doesn’t tell you the full picture, do get it here. Being a journalist & having understood how the system of information dissemination here works, I can tell you that whatever negative things you read about FFF, may not necessarily be bad at all. Sometimes, the press gets one side of the story, sometimes they get both but most times, they exercise discretion & make their own conclusions. Whatever they write, please remember that it has to go through several layers of censorship before it gets published. Just look at the furore they created in the Chinese dailies on Sunday…..I just love the way they write from their perspective. It gives us a better picture of what the Big Boys are & what they are capable of doing. This person is just a puppet & loudspeaker for the puppeteer who draws the strings above. Her true & noble fight for what she believes is right is truly commendable as she has a no-kill policy too but she’s just mislead & firing at the wrong squad.

For one, Sabrina is a one-woman-show at the farm where she has SINGLEHANDEDLY taken care of so many animals, which to me, is a HUGE FEAT. Why would her work ever be a point of contention from the employer she used to work with??? She has been minding her own business from the time she left S*CA but she was persecuted each time she made progress. Every time she does good (sometimes better), she would face all kinds of obstacles. Its amazing how some people cannot focus on self-improvement but can work to the detriment of others.

The 5-hour meeting with MPK, DVS, S*CA, S*S, Town Planners was just too long & I cannot afford to spend that kind of time anymore at meetings when I should be at the rescue. FFF will continue to do what we have set out to do. We have never interfered with other rescue teams as insinuated by certain quarters who’s been mislead by their counterpart, and we are not here to resist how they want to take over the rescue mission. MPK has been directed by S*S to rent the fish farm & allocate a duty roster to each team with preference given to S*CA. Isnt it ironic that the same person who alleged that we had rented the fish farm & hampered the efforts of other rescue teams, is the same person who’s dictating this upon us??? With all due respect, SP Wong of MPK who chaired the meeting said in all fairness, it all depends on the owner’s response, if he is willing to rent out his space to us otherwise, all parties would have to continue doing what they’ve been doing & find other resources to be there. Just because we have established ties before them, they had to use their power to dislodge us from our base when the owner refused them entry. I’m sure the owner can see what we have been doing. If he decides to change his mind for whatever reason, we will respect it but we will not stop our rescue. If we have gotten this far to get 20 dogs out to date, with your support, we will endeavour until everyone is saved.

Any other efforts to assist in any other matters on Pulau Ketam itself would have to wait as the rescue mission supercedes everything now.

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Message from Sabrina of Furry Friends Farm

  • FFF will continue the rescue mission after the consent of the kind Kelong owner.
  • FFF is a private company, solely owned by Sabrina. Its clearly stated in FFF blog.
  • Its up to the members of the public to contribute. We will never reject. FFF is already in the process of becoming a Charity Organisation even before the rescue mission started in May 1st. (There is no shareholders in FFF as quoted in the Chinese newspapers today 17 May 2009. There is no such thing that we monopolise the kelong and stop other parties to rescue. We are only following the instructions after discussing with the Kelong owner. The reason is we respect the private property owner.)
  • FFF is supported by members of the public. Therefore we only will work with members of the public. They can be :
    1) IPR
    2) Government Officials
    3) Villagers ( in this case )
    4) Mass media
    5) Corporate businessmen
    6) All private vets in Malaysia
  • FFF will also help the abandoned dogs on Pulau ketam and Pulau Sungai Lima after the consent of the villagers.
    i) We will be removing the abandoned animals in batches with the help of the villagers.
    ii) We will be working with all private vets to neuter and vaccinate the stray dogs delivered to FFF from Pulau ketam and Pulau Sungai Lima
    iii) We will be working with all IPRs to rehab and rehome the stray animals.
    iv) We will be working with all Animal Sanctuaries in Malaysia and perhaps overseas animal sanctuaries to rehome the stray animals and the rescued animals.
  • Please respect FFF where members of the public support us with full confidence and great support.
  • The rescued animals lives are the testimonial to our Animal Welfare mission. We do not euthanise animals provided it is medically proven that it is a terminal case
  • To those people who trespassed on FFF, investigations will be carried out by the police and legal action will be taken.
  • All visitations to the farm is restricted on Sundays from 12pm to 6pm with the consent of the management of FFF.

The Morning After

Tentbuilding Dog

Kuning has got P.L.A.Y. & M.U.S.T. L.O.V.E. M.E written all over his forehead. He was a part of our tentbuilding trio although grabbing poles and pulling bungee cords are all he knows. Hitam displayed an alpha male stance, constantly keeping Kuning in check if he as much as gets out of line with his puppy-like behaviour. Hitam has a P.L.E.A.S.E. L.O.V.E. M.E. on his ebony crown. The small 12 metre square open deck including the kitchen where the fish farm workers sleep, turned into a circus as we wrestled the dogs to put up our tent.

Er Win & Chris decided to sleep outside as they wanted to see stars but what woke us up at 3am & two more times afterwards would break your heart. One of the dogs howled. A sorrowful, sad howl that lasted about a minute. That must be the most helpless one minute of my life. We couldn’t sleep much thereafter. We surveyed the island with three powerful torches. The howl seem to come from within the roots. Was the doggie trapped? We don’t know.

It’s amazing how some people can attribute the prohibition to land on private property to us who purportedly had been renting the place. Yorg who came with an entourage of more than 30 people, including the Director General of the Department of Veterinary Services, S*CA president, TV Crew & dog catchers, believed that we have a written contract with the fish farm owner to prohibit others to occupy the space. I want to clarify that there is no such agreement & the owner has consented to us using his property for the purpose of dog rescue. He also has the right to refuse anyone especially if he feels unhappy that his house-rules had been broken. We have no jurisdiction of that nor do we have the power or authority to influence that decision.

The mainstream press has been writing a lot of us lately, some truths, some inaccuracies & some biased views but the public can decide for themselves to see what’s going on if they really want to know the truth. It benefits me nothing when I assist in this operation & to think that some people can live with themselves for telling the public not to be duped into giving money to a ‘private company’ (FFF) which is solely run by Sabrina Yeap herself. A condescending letter had been sent to various VIPs with the intention of toppling Sabrina’s work & possibly even Furry Friends Farm. We would like to work for one objective which is to get the dogs out but all these work of sabotage only convince us that keeping to ourselves is the way forward. We can’t work with parties whom we cannot trust especially where our lives are at stake in a remote area out there. We don’t wish to interfere in anyone else’s mission to save the dogs, we don’t want to be part of that effort which we hadn’t agreed to & we also wish that others would do the same with their effort. We have never told any party how the mission should be executed and after all this time Furry Friends Farm had been formed as a sole proprietor, there hasn’t been any help at all from the mainstream animal shelter & government so why all the interest to collaborate now??? I really don’t understand.

Furry Friends Farm is a sole proprietor as mentioned in the FFF webblog. We don’t hide that fact & there are no other shareholders involved. She raised 80 dogs & more on her meagre tutor’s wages. I want to help her & I don’t care what she calls her farm, be it Furless Friends Farm, Fearless Friends Farm or Free Our Friends Farm, I will still help her because she is Sabrina. You can decide to do the same. We have one mind & one vision to help the animals & we are working with ALL THE INDEPENDENT ANIMAL SANCTUARIES in Malaysia to help the Pulau Ketam residents REMOVE & REHOME their stray dog population. As an act of commitment from the residents, at least one bag of rice (they can donate however many bags they wish) is to be given for one dog caught. Our mission to rehabilitate the dogs to be friendly once again is an uphill task & without the public’s support, it would be very difficult for Sabrina.

The rescue mission goes on. If any party wants to stop, it would not be us. Thank you once again for your patronage. Every one of you contributors, volunteers & supporters of FFF is a patron.

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Living A Life So Full

Sun setting on the dogs.....

Sun setting on the dogs…..

The sun was setting on Selat Kering as we headed to the kelong (fish farm). To say that the dogs are skin & bones is an understatement. Hitam & Kuning greeted us as we docked beside the kelong. Two more dogs had been caught. We traded places with Marjorie & Karin, who graciously built three more units of pontoon to place the food & water at other strategic places on the fringe of the island. I placed two packs of nasi lemak for the two skinny dogs who refused kibbles. As usual, they were fearful of humans. I wish I could reach out & hold them close the way I hold my Rufus close. Rufus has it so good. He has a bed, a rug & access to my room. These discarded strays have sea snakes, monitor lizards, wild boars & access to constant mud & salt water to contend with. How can life be so cheap that humans can throw them away??? What is the value put on a life that gives anyone the right to exterminate them???

Which brings to mind, what kind of quality of life do you think about when one has toiled 12 years working with minimum wages at below RM1,800 per month, sweating & bleeding for the animals that she would break her back to save, only to be brought back to a bunch of people who put them down because of reasons justifiable by them??? What kind of girl do you think, would aspire to lead a life being exposed to the harshness of the sun when she answers calls of distress to save a dog, cat or somebodys pet monkey out there? What character do you think a girl would possess when she would give her last penny to feed her dogs and not put food on the table herself after she has been given the sack What then, do you say about a person who put her in that situation despite knowing that she has slogged her youth for the cause she believed in??? Worse than that of the Pulau Ketams residents, of course!!! Surely you can see how scrawny Sabrina is herself. If anyone were to say anything about her passion & commitment to her charges, I think I would be the first to come to her defence. She doesnt have a nice, fancy house, with that little possession that she has, she saves it for that rainy day. The rain hasnt come on her yet because of the brilliant work that shes done. Yet, there are those who cannot accept her selfless nature as evident in the way they write poison pen letters claiming superiority & exclusivity with so & so as patrons & what nots. Im not interested in that. In management we have a term that I strongly believe in. THE FISH ALWAYS ROTS FROM THE HEAD.

In FFF, there are no bureaucrisy, red tape nor a bunch of office bearers to dictate what is best for her beloved dogs. She calls the shots & calls each dog by name. Can her work ever be duplicated??? Not unless youve been tormented, mentally-tortured & constantly persecuted even after a clear disassociation with the cause that you no longer are a part of. If you have the endurance to overcome that, sure, you can run FFF too but I doubt the dogs would adore you the way they adore her, though. She feeds them every day.

So people, I choose to put my name, my money, my effort & my time to helping her. What she calls her outfit, I dont care because without her, therell be no Furry Friends Farm. Without FFF, therell be no happy dogs. Without happy dogs, therell be no happy people. Life would not be so great if you didnt get to experience a happy dog apprehending you to play. I think our volunteer team speaks for itself. We chose to volunteer with FFF, donate to FFFs cause & sustain Sabrina so that she could at least have a decent meal without feeling guilty as if shes spending time in London. By the way, she doesnt even have a passport so she can never boast about the places that shes never been. Her animals are her life. And nobody should take that away from her.

Trees that swallow the sound of agony....

Trees that swallow the sound of agony....

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The Rightful Responsibilities

Thank you once again for the tremendous support, physically & morally offered for this mission. While some of you might think how useless it is to save a bunch of dogs in adverse conditions which might endanger our own lives in the process, well, my answer to you is, I live my life doing good for I have been made to be a blessing even if it has cost me my job. Some of you think I’m risking my life but I’m not because I’m trained in rescue management, life saving & water safety. I will not let go of the trust & hope that donors have placed upon us to get the dogs out. The video that you saw of the three of us, depicted the difficulties that we faced & this is to tell those who think the rescue is straightforward, to rethink of the risks before they volunteer for such a mission.

Where water is concerned, even I would not take it lightly. The previous days, the surface current was so swift that I did not play hero to jump in. Every move is calculated & the crew of RTM2 was with us as we displayed this attempt. Please know that I would not put anyone in danger nor would I risk myself if situation is not favourable. It is not for personal glory as I shudder to think how I would appear in public with bad hair, mud-laden & all. So far, I’ve avoided cameras & videos but we had to do this & let people know, this is not a land rescue.

Thank you for all your prayer coverings. I’m sure God is protecting us in this mission. Let’s prayer for favour with authorities & things to go as planned when we execute our part of the role in this rescue. We have had interference & misquotes from the beginning as it’s no surprise to us knowing what & who we are up against.

The councillor from MPK, Ms. SP Wong, had been very helpful & cooperative in helping us achieve our objectives of the rescue. Bear in mind that those workers in the previous administration are not wanting to cooperate with the new ruling government, resulting the whole party to look bad. As I deal with SP, I understand better & my confidence is restored. Now, we have to look into creating a public pressure for the ‘WORKERS,’ the Pengarah downwards, as the main perpetrators & credit the right people for helping us. Logistically, it had been a nightmare but the Westport authorities has given us the usage of their patrol boat to go in & out of Pulau Selat Kering. A big thank you to you, Westport!!!

Last Monday’s meeting with all the relevant animal rescuers & animal shelter organisation and MPK, had yielded results with the distribution of roles. Each party is responsible for their own commitment which has been broken up to feeding, trapping/catching, treatment (medical), rehoming/resheltering, long term mission. FFF had been given the task of trapping/catching being the first in the operation (despite what others may say, let the truth be told). We have got chronological evidence of events that will put parties to shame but we are not going to do that because it serves no purpose. All we want is for the truth to be reported and for others to stop sabotaging our efforts with unwarranted remarks.

Pet forums have been abuzzed with this issue & very often carry one sided views. MPK has been alerted & will go in to read all these comments & will take action accordingly as they know what each party has been assigned to do & not cross over to other responsibilities. Just know that we stand firm in truth & we will carry out what we have set out to do.

I will update as & when I can & please forgive me if I cannot reply to each & every one of your comments because there are too many steps to take to reach the reply section on my mobile phone. Whatever spare time I have to update you, I will do it through my blog, or the group on Facebook.

Thank you all & may God bless you abundantly for your efforts in supporting us!!!

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Let The Truth Be Told

Kuning Meets Hitam......again

Kuning Meets Hitam......again

Before I post up more updates, I would like to clarify certain claims that forumers in a pet-oriented forum had been giving about the whole situation. Biased views have caused many to react. My reply has been moderated and it shows how one-sided the situation has become. I will post my response here and if you are from that forum, read it with an open mind:-

Point 1 – Congratulating the S*CA on catching 10 dogs

At the time of posting last night, the number was 8. Two on the first day of the rescue ((6 May 2009) & 6 on the 10 May 2009. And Jorg did not stay overnight. Only Mooroogan did, which was not even on the island but on the private fish farm. Whatever they were doing there, no permission had been sought to land on the private property (as advised by owner of the fish farm), nor any respect given to the staff who headed & manned the fish farm. They came onto the fish farm, hung clothes all over the place & made themselves at home without first seeking permission or giving a courtesy call to find out who runs the place. Isnt it plain courtesy to ask if you wish to enter someones home??? I am just wondering if all of S*CAs operations are handled in this manner.

Melmel, Im awed by your confidence in all the write ups & declarations of S*CA, Im just wondering how long have you been a member & how long have you volunteered your services with them to be given privileged information. When you declared that Mooroogan & Yorg would be spending a night on somebodys property, you are actually announcing that trespassing is okay. The owner is mighty pissed off with the uninvited stay & was crossed at us after all our work established there until we clarified the matter to state that we are in [B]NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH SPCA[/B] as we are on our own so please give a correct picture of the situation.

Er Win in his element.....

Er Win in his element.....

This issue has received much hype & fanfare. As the rescue director of this mission with FFF, Im not sure if any of you know why Sabrina left S*CA after 12 years of service. Perhaps this is a question you should direct to S*CA because it would be so inappropriate to ask Sabrina of this.

Sabrina is out there in every rescue, she is the most hands on person Ive ever known. She has no time for meetings. Less time for people who want to sabotage her work just because certain quarters feel that she is a low life incapable of anything. Those who behave in a mightier-than-thou or richer-than-thou attitude have always been met with her humility because she feels that they have more insecurities to look after than the dogs that she had saved. She doesnt need poison pen letters by detractors written to editors/managing directors of the press to intimidate their writers not to follow up on her work on the Dr. Dog Programme or on anything associated with FFF.

I have known her since the early 90s. I have seen her doing all the work. Ive seen her being bullied. If you are in your right mind, would you stand up for nonsense when you see your friend being discriminated??? I wont & I wont tolerate any nonsense now either.

I used to believe in S*CAs mission but now I dont. I used to subscribe to their beliefs but now I wont. I believe it started with great & noble intentions but as with all organisations, things change, sometimes for the better but a lot of times, for the worst. Whatever it may be, I wish them well but whoever said this to the press (a Chinese daily that published the article) that our efforts are hampering theirs, please clarify how we managed to do so. As you have posted the articles since 21 April 2009 with quips by S*CA, which means that they knew of the incident since mid April but why was a rescue not effected until Sabrina did & was highlighted in the news?!?

Lynielime quoted [B]Platforms built in the trees by Mooroogan, Yorg,[/B] and the awesome fish farmers helped make the rescue of these dogs a little easier as the dogs would climb up the platforms to escape the rising tide. An abandoned house/hut was also found in the interior of the island, and guessing correctly that some dogs may be using the hut as shelter, these men set up humane dog traps to catch dogs in that location.

The platform was NOT built by Mooroogan nor Yorg. Please credit the right people if you choose to report matters after your visit. Marjorie Gabriel & Karin Lee of the District Council of Ulu Selangor were the people who bought the materials with their money & built the platform with their expertise without the help of Mooroogan or Yorg. Mooroogan was trying to tell a kayak & outdoor adventure specialist how to build a structure which I find very inappropriate. And the traps were merely cages used & owned by MPK (Klang Town Council) which they had set & the dogs had gone in. They merely collected them. I will blog on a second posting on the mechanics of the capture because now that its of international interest, if anyone tries to shoot our dogs, may God deal with him severely.

Ten girls were present with the group that came in to take a look at the situation but I would like to ask what your qualifications are in this mission & what are you doing on a boat sponsored by the funds of the public thats meant for rescue operations??? We are dealing with public funds here & if you do not have the necessary skills (if you cant swim or are not trained to save lives), do not go & be a risk to others who are there executing the rescue. In short, Im asking those who are not directly involved in the rescue to stop endangering themselves (and sometimes others) by being there. The operation cannot have people/onlookers who want a piece of the action that needs looking after and Im talking about liability issues here. That boat could have well been used to transport the dogs back for medical attention.

I could go on and set more things straight but Ive got a rescue to mount & I hope you would report correctly lest you lead the public astray with INACCURATE INFORMATION. Before the 10th, we have already gotten 8 dogs with 6 more yesterday and this is not about outdoing each other but to let the public know that the trust they given us is not misplaced & hope is not futile. We dont seek glory as some of you have insinuated here about FFF because TV Smith & I are personalities in our own right. We dont need to get credit for the people whom we are supporting and the plight which has touched the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. By the way, Ive sacrificed to be in this mission & its because I can, not because I have to.

Ashley & Lynn had been a great source of encouragement to me. And to all of you who have contributed in cash or kind, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Sabrina & the team would do what we think is necessary to thwart the poison arrows that come at us from a certain direction every time.

By the way, on the 6 May 2009, I overheard one of the volunteers of S*CA exclaiming that she had spent RM380 and only got two dogs, struggling here while somebody is in London. If you are reading this, you know who you are & I would like to ask of you to re-examine your intentions of helping out. None of us have the question of money when it comes to something that we are passionate about.

I hope S*CA takes a picture of every dog rescued so that they can be named afterwards. We have named each & every one of them since we have taken them in.

I can understand why people feel strongly about this issue. Look at the history. Ask the press people. They will not tell you lies. Im a dive Instructor Trainer & also a travel journalist, covering a wide range of events, festivals & destinations. We get a scoop on things that you dont normally see so please get your facts in order because they will stun you.

Hitam at his best!

Hitam at his best!

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Saving Grace The Day Before

Look at the video to see how Hitam, the black dog that has been gorging himself & swimming back to the island to regurgitate the food for his fellow members (dogs, of course) to feed. He managed to entice Grace, whom Sabrina named, to the hands of the rescuers. Grace is now at Furry Friends Farm. All made possible from your donations.

Video was taken by Donald Tan, who accompanied TV Smith & Sabrina on their mission on 7 May2009.